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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Install LiteSpeed Locally

To begin a local server installation of LiteSpeed, copy the appropriate LiteSpeed .msi file to the server on which you will install.

To install LiteSpeed on... Use this installer...
32-bit Windows LiteSpeed.msi
64-bit Windows LiteSpeed-x64.msi

You may run the installer from a network device, but for performance and stability reasons Quest Software recommends that the installer be run locally.

To install LiteSpeed using the Installation wizard

  1. Double-click .msi to start the installation.
  2. Use the following information to help guide you through the installation wizard:
    Screen Description
    User Information Enter your user information. You will need to decide whether this application should be added to the Windows Start menu for all users or only for the installation owner. Quest Software recommends the default installation, for all users.
    Destination Folder

    Select the install location. You may select any directory that meets the following criteria:

    • The destination cannot be shared.
    • The path must exist on all nodes.

    The default install location is: C:\Program Files\Quest Software\LiteSpeed\SQL Server.

    Installation Type

    Select Complete to install all features or Custom to install only selected features. If you select Custom, the components you may install are:

    • LiteSpeed Help
    • LiteSpeed UI Console
    • LiteSpeed Core—Installs LiteSpeed for SQL Server on each SQL Server instance on which you plan to use LiteSpeed.
    • Maintenance Plans support for the LiteSpeed for SQL Server—Installs Maintenance Plans files to the GAC.
    License Information

    Select one of the following options:

    • Run LiteSpeed in Trial Mode or Restore Only Mode
    • Register your copy of LiteSpeed

      Enter your license key obtained from Quest Software. Ensure that the key does not contain any line breaks or trailing spaces.

    NOTE: If you upgrade from a LiteSpeed 8.5 or earlier installation then you will be required to enter a site message. If you upgrade from LiteSpeed 5.x or earlier you will be required to provide a new license key. For more information, see License Registration.

After the LiteSpeed program files are installed, the LiteSpeed Instance Configuration wizard will help you complete the installation of LiteSpeed components into your SQL Server environment. For more information, see Configure Server Instances.


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