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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Convert Native Log Shipping Plans

Convert Native SQL Server Plans

LiteSpeed for SQL Server lets you monitor both the LiteSpeed and native SQL Server log shipping plans. However, flexible backup options and ability to create, modify and reinitialize LiteSpeed log shipping plans in the LiteSpeed UI Console are only available for LiteSpeed log shipping plans.

The following table lists options available (•) for native SQL Server and LiteSpeed log shipping plans from the LiteSpeed UI Console:

Option Native Plan LiteSpeed Plan
Create, edit or delete log shipping plan  

Monitor log shipping progress

View history

Synchronize subscribers

Reinitialize log shipping


View properties for the plan components

Convert to LiteSpeed
(only available for SQL Server 2005 and higher)

Using LiteSpeed UI Console 5.1 or higher, you can convert native log shipping plans to LiteSpeed on the servers where you have LiteSpeed 5 or higher installed. This option is only available for SQL Server 2005 and higher.

To convert a plan to LiteSpeed

Right-click a native SQL Server log shipping plan in the Server tree and select Convert Native Log Shipping Plan wizard.

NOTE: Select the Keep native log shipping plan checkbox to disable jobs for the native plan. A native SQL Server log shipping plan cannot be recovered after it is converted to LiteSpeed.

NOTE: For more information about native SQL Server log shipping, see the following:


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