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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - User Guide

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About LiteSpeed Engine for SQL Server

About LiteSpeed Engine for SQL Server

LiteSpeed Engine for SQL Server is a complementary technology to LiteSpeed for SQL Server (LiteSpeed). By providing LiteSpeed's compression and encryption functionality in a driver based solution, you can continue using native or third party backup tools, while getting the full advantage and flexibility ofLiteSpeed's time and space saving features.

The LiteSpeed Engine solution consists of two parts, which are both installed by default:

  • File driver component—This does the actual work of compressing and optionally encrypting your SQL Server database backups. It works by intercepting the backup file stream and compressing the results before reaching the actual physical disk. If restoring a database, the operation is reversed – the file stream is decompressed before reaching SQL Server.

    With each backup, LiteSpeed Engine generates an .lsi file in the same directory as the SQL Server backup file. It has the same name as the backup file, but is appended with the .lsi file extension. This file is used to map backup information and optimize restore times. If it is deleted or otherwise unavailable at the time of restore, the file will be regenerated using information contained within the backup file.

  • Configuration Editor—This is a UI application that, among other things, allows you to determine what SQL Server backup files (based on their extension) are going to be compressed and/or encrypted.

Once installed and configured, the driver will work transparently in the background, compressing and decompressing and optionally encrypting and de-encrypting your SQL Server backups and restores.


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