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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - Integration with TSM Guide

Use Wildcard and Regular Expressions in LiteSpeed

Use Wildcard and Regular Expressions in LiteSpeed

You can configure LiteSpeed to only back up databases that match the specified pattern. Using wildcard and regular expressions is particularly helpful when there are databases with similar names on the same instance or on multiple instances.


  • To back up databases with similar names on multiple instances, create and deploy a backup template, or create a maintenance plan on one instance and then simply copy it to other instances.
  • LiteSpeed lets you enter multiple patterns. When selecting databases for your maintenance plan, you can click Validate selected or Validate all to display a list of databases names that match any of the specified patterns.

Wildcard Expressions

You can use wildcard characters '?' and '*' to select databases you want to back up. For example, "litespeed*" will include all databases that start with "litespeed" or "LiteSpeed".

Regular Expressions

Using regular expressions can provide you with more flexibility when selecting databases. For example, the following expressions will include a database if its name:

  1. Begins with "LiteSpeed".


  2. Ends with "_PUBLISHER".


  3. Begins with "LiteSpeed" followed by digits.


  4. Contains any number within the range 828500 to 828549.


  5. Begins with "LiteSpeed" or "Quest", except "QuestSoftwareCMSS".



  • Regular expressions are only supported in Maintenance Plans.
  • LiteSpeed does not support regular expressions with the IgnoreCase option. To ignore case, use ([Aa][Bb][Cc]) instead of (?i:abc).

ClosedClick here for information about the regular expression constructs.

Review the following for additional information:


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