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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - Installation Guide

Upgrade LiteSpeed Maintenance Plans

LiteSpeed for SQL Server Upgrade

If upgrading LiteSpeed 5.x or later, the Maintenance Plans should remain intact and no additional steps are required. See the LiteSpeed Installation Guide for more information about the upgrade scenario.

If upgrading LiteSpeed 4.x, the SSMS plug-in maintenance plans need to be manually upgraded. LiteSpeed allows you to read SSMS plug-in maintenance plans and upgrade them to SSIS LiteSpeed maintenance plans.

To upgrade a maintenance plan

  1. Select Maintenance Plans in the Navigation pane (CTRL+4).
  2. Right-click a maintenance plan and select Convert to LiteSpeed.

NOTE: The Remove files older than option in the Backup Database task does not remove LiteSpeed 4.x SSIS maintenance plans backups. To remove old backup files for these plans, you can use a separate Clean up maintenance plans task.

SQL Server In-Place Upgrade

SSIS LiteSpeed plans must be manually upgraded to use the appropriate library, otherwise they will fail after SQL Server upgrade. If you have at least one LiteSpeed task in a SSIS plan, then you need to upgrade the plan after upgrading SQL Server to a higher version.

To upgrade plans in LiteSpeed 6.1 or later

Right-click an instance in the Maintenance Plan pane and select Upgrade LiteSpeed Maintenance plans.


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