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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

Restore Double Click Restore Executables

Restore Double Click Restore Executables

To restore a Double Click Restore executable, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the Double Click Restore executable and complete the LiteSpeed Double Click Restore dialog.

  • Run the command line, change the directory until you are in the directory containing the Double Click Restore executable and run the following:

    backup.exe -R database -F backup_file -W replace


    backup.exe is the name of the Double Click Restore executable.

    backup_file specifies the path to the file containing backup data. You can supply multiple instances of this argument. Use this argument to list all backup files except the executable being run:

    • The filename of the backup if there is a Double Click Restore loader created for this backup
    • The filenames of any other stripes that were not converted to an executable

    NOTE: The syntax is exactly the same as that for sqllitespeed.exe. For more information, see LiteSpeed Command-Line Arguments.

  • Restore as any other backup using the Restore Wizard, command-line interface or procedures.

NOTE: If logging is enabled during a restore, the log file is written to:


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