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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - Configure Log Shipping Guide


Encryption Methods

Encryption is a mechanism for protecting data, which applies to it a specially designed algorithm, effectively obfuscating its content by making it different from the original.

NOTE: If running Windows 2000 to utilize the higher levels of encryption, the Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack must be installed.

LiteSpeed offers the option of encrypting in the following formats:

  • 40-bit RC2

  • 56-bit RC2

  • 112-bit RC2

  • 128-bit RC2

  • 168-bit 3DES

  • 128-bit RC4

  • 128-bit AES

  • 192-bit AES

  • 256-bit AES

Higher levels of encryption require slightly more CPU, but generally the impact of 256-bit AES encryption on a backup running on a modern server is very low at less than 0.5% CPU utilization. We recommend for best security of a backup that 256-bit AES be used when encryption is needed.

Caution: When encrypting data, take care not to lose the encryption key; a backup cannot be restored or recovered without the original encryption key.


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