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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

Double Click Restore Executables

Double Click Restore Executables

LiteSpeed executables can be created for Native SQL Server and LiteSpeed disk backups. In many cases, LiteSpeed disk backups can be directly converted to Double Click Restore executables.

A Double Click Restore is an executable that has an .exe extension and performs a database restore when double-clicked. An executable file allows you to restore a backup on a server instance that does not have LiteSpeed installed.

A Double Click Restore executable is created by either writing a loader program designed to restore backup files, or by inserting the loader directly into the header of a suitable LiteSpeed backup file. If you convert a striped backup file, the first file will be the executable (.exe), and the others will remain unchanged.

Double Click Restore Naming Conventions

Double Click Restore conversion may modify the extension of the backup file.

For LiteSpeed backups, file name conversion depends on the backup file size. If the backup file size is less than 4 GB, then the backup file name will have the .exe extension. If the backup file is larger than 4 GB, then the backup file name will not have the .exe extension and LiteSpeed will create X.exe, the empty Double Click Restore loader that restores the backup when double-clicked.

For native SQL Server backups, LiteSpeed will create the empty Double Click Restore loader that has the .exe extension and restores the backup when double-clicked.

Backup Type Name Before Conversion Name After Conversion
LiteSpeed (<4GB) X.exe

X.exe (No name changes)

X X.exe
LiteSpeed (>4GB) X.exe



X* (No name changes)

Native SQL Server X.exe



X* (No name changes)

*—X.exe is created as empty Double Click Restore loader. You can locate it in the same directory as the converted X.

Create Double Click Restore Executables

To create a new Double Click Restore executable, do one of the following:


You need to restore particular compressed and encrypted LiteSpeed backups on a server that does not have LiteSpeed

ClosedClick here to see the procedure for this scenario.

  1. Define which backup files are needed for the restore and convert them to the Double Click Restore executables. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click a backup in the Backup Browser tab or in the Backup History tab and select Convert to Double Click Restore backup.
    • Run exec xp_slsCreateDCR @FileName='<path>'
      where <path> is the path to the backup.

  2. Copy the Double Click Restore executable(s) you created to the server that does not have LiteSpeed.

    NOTE: If a backup file is more than 4 GB, you need to copy both the converted backup file and the empty Double Click Restore loader.

  3. Log on to the server, double-click the first Double Click Restore Executable file to restore and complete the LiteSpeed Double Click Restore dialog. Repeat for all other files.

    NOTE: If you deselected and selected appended backups to restore, you may need to re-enter the encryption password.


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