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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.6 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

About Backing Up/Restoring Databases

LiteSpeed has the following key features:

Use this feature... To...
Backup Analyzer

Evaluate different backup options, such as compression level, striping, and backup destinations, to determine which settings have the best compression and duration values. For more information, see Test Optimal Backup Settings.

Backup Wizard

Back up individual databases. This option lets you define backup options individually for each database. You can create native SQL Server or LiteSpeed backups, generate backup scripts, run backups immediately or schedule SQL Agent jobs. LiteSpeed supports the following options for backups:

Be sure to select Use LiteSpeed to leverage many LiteSpeed advanced features. For more information, see Back Up Databases.

Multi-Database Backup Wizard

Back up several databases with the same options. For more information, see Multi-Database Backup.

Backup Templates

Automate backing up databases on multiple server instances by deploying a LiteSpeed Backup Template. For more information, see Create Backup Templates.

Maintenance Plans

Automate backing up databases. Maintenance Plans provide flexible backup options as well as additional database maintenance options, such as CleanUp and Rebuild Indexes tasks. For more information, see About Automating Maintenance Tasks.

Fast Compression

Reduce backup size and decrease backup times from hours to minutes by including differential backups in the nightly backup routine. For more information, see Fast Compression.

Double Click Restore

Restore Double Click Restore executable files on a server instance that does not have LiteSpeed installed. For more information, see Double Click Restore Executables.

Network Resilience

Control network resilience options. LiteSpeed's read and write resilience can handle various failures on both network and attached storage devices. For more information, see Network Resilience.

Adaptive Compression

Let LiteSpeed select optimal compression based on server performance at the time of backup. Adaptive Compression can optimize backups either for speed or for small size. For more information, see Compression Methods.

Restore Wizard

Restore databases and attached files immediately or schedule a restore job. For more information, see Restore Databases Using the Restore Wizard.

Automated Restore

Automate restoring the most recent database backups. If backing up to unique filenames, you only need to specify a folder where LiteSpeed will look for candidates for restore. For more information, see Restore Databases Using the Restore Wizard.

Object Level Recovery

List, query, preview and restore specific objects directly from the native SQL Server or LiteSpeed backup files. For more information, see About Restoring Objects (Object Level Recovery).

Log Shipping

Automate backing up and restoring database transaction logs on one or more standby databases. See the Configure Log Shipping guide for more information.

You can back up and restore with LiteSpeed using wizards in the LiteSpeed UI Console, extended stored procedures and the command-line interface.

Use the LiteSpeed UI Console to view activity and history for your backups, including processes that fail or succeed, the amount of disk space you save, a list of all of the jobs for a server instance or database. For more information, see View Backup Manager Activity and History.


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