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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - User Guide

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Reporting and Logging

Reporting and Logging in Maintenance Plans

With your maintenance plan open in the Design tab, click to configure reports about execution of the entire maintenance plan and set the reporting and logging options. A report contains information about each task within one subplan: task name, duration, results.

Review the following for information about logging in Maintenance Plans:

Option Description
Write a text file report in directory

Select a directory in which to write a text file report. Alternately select to browse and locate a directory

  • Delete text files older than - Select to delete files based on their age in number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.
Write an html file report in directory

Select a directory in which to write an html file report. Alternately select to browse and locate a directory.

  • Delete html files older than - Select to delete files based on their age in number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.
Send report to an email recipient

Select to send an email report to a designated recipient.

  • Agent operator - Use the drop-down to select an agent operator to receive reports by email.
Log extended information

Logs plan details in msdb.dbo.sysmaintplan_logdetail for both LiteSpeed and native SQL Server SSIS maintenance plans, for all tasks. This additional information is task-specific and is displayed in the Extended Log Information pane of the History tab.

For the native SQL Server plans, this information also becomes a part of the native reporting and may increase the size of the stored maintenance plan history.

Log to remote Server Writes the plan history to the remote server. Select the connection drop-down to choose the server. Alternately assign a new server.
Debug Logging

Logs LiteSpeed maintenance plan utility activity.

Quest Software support may ask you to enable debug logging in maintenance plans to help troubleshoot product issues. Make sure LiteSpeed is installed on the server where you have a problem with maintenance plans.

When a subplan is executed, the Maintenance Plan engine saves the archived <plan_name>_<subplan_name>[<GUID>].zip file in the default output directory.Configure Logging in LiteSpeed about the default output directory.

Each archive has:

  • one or more files for all LiteSpeed tasks in a subplan, including the Reporting task
  • one file containing -Gather command-line command to collect statistics
  • one file containing -CollectStats command-line command for the process that starts collecting statistics to repositories (only created for SSIS plans)

LiteSpeed's debug logging is not supported for the native SQL Server tasks. If the Use LiteSpeed option is cleared for a task, then that task is handled by the native SQL Server components.

Create Support Bundles

If you have not found an answer to your question, you can create a support bundle and send it to customer support. The support bundle contains information about your database, system configuration, and settings and can help troubleshoot problems.

To create a LiteSpeed UI Console support bundle

Select Application button | Help | Support Bundle.

To create a server support bundle

  1. Right-click a server in the tree and select Support | Support Bundle.
  2. Send the support bundle to Quest Software customer support or click Clipboard to save the generated content to file.

Review Additional Resources

LiteSpeed Community

Get the latest product information, find helpful resources, and join a discussion with the LiteSpeed team and other community members. Join the LiteSpeed community at:

Use this site to:

  • Share your knowledge

  • Participate in forums

  • Learn about new features and enhancements in Quest products

  • Download the latest product releases

  • Find expert tips and tricks

  • Communicate with product teams

  • Participate in beta programs

Video Tutorials

If you want to learn more about using LiteSpeed for SQL Server, check out:

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