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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Installation Guide



SmartCleanup provides a convenient way to remove old LiteSpeed backups. It removes full and differential backup files and optionally transaction log backups based on a user-defined period. LiteSpeed will ignore copy-only backups except on secondary replicas in AlwaysOn Availability groups, in which case it will allow deletions.

SmartCleanup is backup set aware and will never remove a full backup that is needed by a differential backup that is not being deleted.

The backup retention will never delete:

  • The backup files, if there are mixed backups in the same backup file. For example, if a user performs a backup of AdventureWorks and Pubs into the same mybackups.bak backup file.
  • The full backup, if there are associated differential or t-log backups in the backup set that are not eligible for cleanup.
  • File/FileGroup backups
  • File/FileGroup differential backups
  • Partial backups
  • Partial differential backups
  • Files that have the filesystem archive bit set (if that option is selected)

NOTE: Fast Compression does not raise errors if it detects a missing backup from a backup set that was removed via the cleanup process.

The diagram below shows how the LiteSpeed components communicate to SQL Server to check if backups are eligible for cleanup and delete them each time SmartCleanup runs.

To configure SmartCleanup in Wizards

To run SmartCleanup manually, do one of the following:


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