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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Installation Guide

Execute SELECT Statements

The SQL Server SELECT statement is used to retrieve records from tables in a SQL Server database.

tip: Refer to Restore Objects in the LiteSpeed UI Console for further help with object restore.

To execute a SELECT statement

  1. Select the Script Execution tab. The available commands are displayed.

    Click to save script.
    Click to print script.
    Click to copy script.
    Click to find or replace a script.
    Execute Click to execute the script.
    Bypass tail
    log processing
    Click to bypass tail log processing.
    Save results in
    Click to save script execution results in a database.
  2. Enter the statement. For more information, see Supported SELECT Statements. about SELECT statements you can use in the LiteSpeed UI Console.

  3. Click Execute.

note: Be sure to use fully qualified names when you write a select statement.


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