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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Installation Guide

Automate Similar Backup Tasks on Multiple Instances


You need to schedule full, differential and t-log database backups on several servers and automate backup cleanup according to your company’s retention policy.

You are going to create a maintenance plan on one SQL Server instance and then simply copy it to the other server instances.

To automate backups on server instances

  1. Select Maintenance Plans in the Navigation pane (CTRL+4).
  2. In the Server tree, right-click an instance and select Create New Maintenance Plan.
  3. Drag and drop the Back Up Database task in the middle of the Design pane and double-click it.
    1. Select the Full backup type.
    2. Click and select User databases (excluding master, model, msdb).

      NOTE: This scenario describes how to back up all user databases. Similarly, you can configure maintenance plans to back up system databases and databases matching wildcard or regular expressions.

    1. Select the Create backup file for every database option and specify the Destination folder and file extension for the backups.
    2. Select the Options tab and select the Remove files older than option. Specify when the full backups are eligible for cleanup according to your company’s retention policy.
    3. Click Ok to save the task.
  4. Click on the tool bar. The task you just created will serve as a base for differential and t-log backups.
  5. Create two new subplans. To create a subplan, click , then Ok.
  6. Select each of the two new subplans and click to paste.
  7. Configure the copied subplan tasks to create the differential and t-log backups instead of full backups. Specify when the differential and t-log backups are eligible for cleanup according to your company’s retention policy.
  8. Double-click every subplan in the plan. Enter the name and description. Click to set schedule properties. Each subplan should have its own reoccurring schedule. For example,

    • Full backups occurring every week
    • Differential backups occurring every day
    • T-log backups occurring every 20 minutes

    When you are done editing the subplan properties, select Enabled and click Ok.

  9. Save the plan, click Copy Plan.
  10. For all instances where you want to paste the plan, right-click the instance and select Paste Maintenance Plan.


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