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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Engine Release Notes


Review the following to help you troubleshoot different problems:

Can’t backup a file

  • If you are creating an encrypted appended backup file, LiteSpeed Engine needs the backup file’s restore password when performing a backup. SQL Server needs to re-read a portion of the previous backup before appending the new backup, making it necessary for LiteSpeed Engine to decrypt this information. To save the restore password to the LiteSpeed Engine configuration, edit the file extension setting using the LiteSpeed Engine Configuration editor.
  • LiteSpeed Engine only supports the use of encryption with appended backups if the user includes the restore password in the configuration file.
  • LiteSpeed Engine does not support the changing of passwords for an appended backup file.
  • LiteSpeed Engine does not support the back up of encrypted and unencrypted backups in the same file.

Can’t restore a file

Ensure that the driver is installed and running. To verify the installation and version information, select File | Driver management | Driver status... or enter to following command at the command prompt:

c:\>  sc qdescription lsbackfilter
  • If you are using encryption, ensure that you have the correct encryption password or that the password has not been changed. LiteSpeed Engine does not maintain password history. You will need to either reconfigure the associated backup extension with the correct password. Alternately, rename the backup using a new extension which is then assigned the correct restore password.
  • LiteSpeed Engine does not support the changing of passwords for an appended backup file.
  • Ensure that the directory where the backup file resides has the appropriate read/write access. If the .lsi file associated with the backup is unavailable, LiteSpeed Engine will attempt to rebuild it.

Backups are no longer compressed

  • Ensure that you have a valid license. Select the Help | License.
  • Ensure that your license has not expired. If the license has expired the Windows Event Log will contain an LiteSpeed Engine entry indicating that the license has expired. You can quickly retrieve LiteSpeed Engine related Event Log entries by selecting Help | Support Bundle and clicking View log.
  • Ensure the driver was updated to pick up the changes you made to the configuration file. Select File | Driver management | Refresh driver configuration.
  • Ensure the disk you want to backup to is available.  When a cluster drive failed over or a usb drive was added, you can manually rescan the disk devices to be able to do compressed backups to these drives. Select File | Driver management | Rescan for new drives.

Backup performance seems slow

  • Because LiteSpeed Engine CPU usage is higher at compression level 2 and higher, you may be CPU bound. LiteSpeed Engine takes advantage of more CPUs when backups are striped. If your backup targets to a single file, try striping the backup file to two or more files.
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