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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Engine Release Notes

Refresh the Driver Using UpdateDriver.exe

Refresh the Driver Using UpdateDriver.exe

Thу UpdateDriver.exe utility allows you to perform various tasks directly from the command-line interface.

NOTE: The UpdateDriver.exe application must be run by a user that has administrator privileges. If the driver update encounters issues and returns an error message, consult the Windows Event Viewer for detailed error messages.

To perform tasks from the command line

  1. Change the directory until you are in the directory containing the UpdateDriver.exe command-line utility (Usually, C:\Program Files\Quest Software\LiteSpeed\Engine).
  2. Run the utility with appropriate arguments.



  • Single-letter arguments are case-sensitive, and they can be preceded by '-' or '/'.
  • Verbose multi-letter arguments are not case-sensitive, they must be preceded by double dashes '--'.
-Argument --Argument Description
? Help Displays syntax and accepted arguments.
c ClearLog Clears tracing log.
d Disable Stops the engine.
e Enable Starts the engine.
r Rescan Rescans for new drives. You may need to rescan the newly added disk devices to be able to do compressed backups to these drives.
s Status Displays driver status.
u Update Refreshes driver configuration. For more information, see Manage Configuration Files.


Refresh driver configuration

UpdateDriver.exe --Update

Rescan for new drives

UpdateDriver.exe -r

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