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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

Network Resilience

LiteSpeed's read and write resilience can handle various failures on both network and attached storage devices. If LiteSpeed fails to write a backup during a backup operation or fails to read a backup during a restore operation, it will wait and retry the failed operation. If successful on a subsequent attempt, the backup or restore operation continues without interruption. Without network resilience, these operations would fail immediately on the first read or write problem encountered.

You can control the number of times to retry and the amount of time to wait before retrying.

To configure retry options in wizards

  1. Access advanced options.
  2. Select one or both network resilience options to change the default values.
  3. Complete the wizard.

To configure retry options in procedures

Use @IOFLAG parameter. For more information, see About Using Extended Stored Procedures.

To configure retry options from the command line

Use -X or --IOFlags parameter. For more information, see LiteSpeed Command-Line Arguments.

NOTE: LiteSpeed makes 3 attempts for creation of the backup folder at 0.5 second intervals. This is not configurable.

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