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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.5 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

Multi-Database Backup

Multi-Database Backup launches the Backup wizard which allows you to configure backup options for several databases at once.

For each database, LiteSpeed generates uniquely named backup files to avoid collision.

NOTE: Fast Compression is now available for multi-database backup in the UI.

To back up multiple databases

  1. Right-click the server instance and select Multi-Database Backup.... Alternately you can select the Multi-Database Backupbutton at the top.
  2. Select databases for backup. For more information, see LiteSpeed's Logic for Backing Up Multiple Databases.
  3. Complete the wizard. For more information, see To back up databases using the Backup wizard. on backup options.

In case you select to schedule the backups to run at the specified times, the wizard creates a job with 'Multiple Databases' appended to the job name.

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