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KACE Systems Management Appliance 9.1 Common Documents - Release Notes

Known issues

Known issues

The following issues are known to exist at the time of this release.

Table 2. General known issues

Known issue

Issue ID

The SNMP walk data is not available in the discovery results and inventory data when using SNMP version 'SNMPv2c' for some Microsoft Windows devices. The affected Windows devices are:

Workaround: Select the SNMP version SNMPv1 to prevent this problem.


Agent fails to install on SLES v.15 with errors.

Workaround: On Red Hat and SuSE, install the coreutils, pciutils, and rpm packages along with the /usr/sbin/dmidecode and /usr/bin/lpstat applications. If they are not installed, the rpm package refuses to install until they are installed.

On Ubuntu, the same requirements apply for proper functionality, but if they are not installed, the package still installs correctly but not all functionality works as expected.


Agentless monitoring of SLES v.15 does not work.

Workaround: Install the rsyslog package to prevent this issue.


KACE SDA (System Deployment Appliance) deployment information is not populated in 9.1 on the Device Details and Devices pages, and in reports.


The Comments section in Service Desk ticket details does not clear when adding comments and attachments at the same time.


Repeated /proc/net/route errors are observed on KACE SMA console hosted on Azure. This is a benign issue and as such can be ignored.


OS Release ID may be blank for agent devices.


HTML tags are displayed in the Comments & Resolution column in Service Desk reports.


HTML tags are displayed in the Update Notification pop-up message when comments are deleted from the Ticket Detail page.


Service Desk: On the Ticket Detail page, the editor available in the Comments field does not properly handle some special characters, such as code blocks.


Merging two tickets with the same submitter adds that submitter to the CC list even though they are already the submitter of the main ticket. This may cause the appliance to send duplicate emails to that user, if Email on Events is enabled for the submitter and the CC list.


Service Desk: On the Ticket Detail page, the Summary, Comments, and Resolution fields come with a rich text editor that includes a collection of emoticons that can be added to the field contents. Any emoticons from that collection appear as expected each time you view ticket details in the Administrator Console. If you add any other emoticons, for example the ones that come with your email editor, they do not display correctly in the Administrator Console.




Videos attached to Service Desk tickets are not added to emails sent to the ticket submitters.


Using large font in the Ticket Detail text editor causes it to overlap itself.


KACE GO: Attachments embedded in KB articles are not displayed when the secure attachment option is enabled.


Response templates and Service Desk email notifications do not support rich text.


In French locale, on the Devices list page, the Choose Action > Change Location command does not display the Change Location dialog box, as expected.


Linked Reporting does not work on the appliance.


Service Desk: By default, the Use HTML/Markdown option is disabled for the Ticket Closed email template. This causes HTML tags to be applied to simple text.

Workaround: Enable the Use HTML/Markdown option in the template.


Setup Guide for Azure Platforms: Unlike the other setup guides included with the appliance, this manual is not localized. This is a very first release of the appliance on Microsoft Azure and the instructions were finalized at the very end of the release cycle. Localized content will be provided in a future release.


System requirements

System requirements

The minimum version required for installing KACE SMA 9.1 is 9.0. If your appliance is running an earlier version, you must update to the listed version before proceeding with the installation.

The minimum version required for upgrading the KACE SMA agent is 7.1. We recommend running the latest agent version with KACE SMA 9.1.

To check the appliance version number, log in to the Administrator Console and click Need Help. In the help panel that appears, at the bottom, click the circled 'i' button.

Before upgrading to or installing version 9.1, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements. These requirements are available in the KACE SMA technical specifications.

Product licensing

Product licensing

If you currently have a KACE SMA product license, no additional license is required.

If you are using KACE SMA for the first time, see the appliance setup guide for product licensing details. Go to More resources to view the appropriate guide.

Installation instructions

Installation instructions

You can apply this version using an advertised update or by manually uploading and applying an update file. For instructions, see the following topics:

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