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KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.1 Common Documents - Release Notes

Resolved Security issues

Resolved Security issues

The following is a list of Security issues resolved in this release.

Table 4. Resolved Security issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

Patch Smart Label targeting specific operating systems did not behave as expected after upgrade to 12.0.


Saving a patch schedule with special characters in messages showed escape characters when reopening.


The OVAL catalog list page did not display a Reference value unless it started with CVE or CAN.


Samba was inaccessible when Microsoft Network Client: Digitally Sign Communications (always) was enabled.


When the Agent time zone changed, the OS install date changed resulting in the reset of patching results.


Other resolved issues

Other resolved issues

The following is a list of other issues resolved in this release.

Table 5. Other resolved issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

Replication shares did not consider locale when determining what Windows Feature Update files to replicate.


Under high loads, processing patch detection results could cause administrative interface to suffer and inaccurate detect results.


The credential entered for v3 SNMP Trap monitoring produced unexpected results when the password contained special characters.


The Asset Import preview could display values in incorrect columns.


The Scripting API could fail to create or update an existing script.


Asset name was left blank after agentless inventory of co-managed KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM).


Monitoring: Log Enablement Packages (LEP) Installation failed when replacing existing LEP on an Agent-managed device.


Asset import preview showed asset IDs instead of asset names.


Windows 11 was missing from OS picker when creating a new script.


Error appeared when attempting to create an online-KScript from API.


Missing fields for Patch Download Settings in the System Administration Console, under Settings > History > Settings.


Adding new asset field could cause scheduled imports to import incorrectly.


Known issues

Known issues

The following issues are known to exist at the time of this release.

Known issue

Issue ID

Default Custom View causes Submitter Ticket History link to redirect to inaccurate list page results.


Service Desk: Closing a ticket on list page with SAT_SURVEY required results in an error.


A new SMA Agent Bundle is available alert does not use the new notification system.


When accessing the user portal Downloads items, the preselected device is not the current device when using Firefox and SSL.


Device Actions can sometimes fail when accessing them through a direct URL.


Login field does not update after user authenticates through SAML and the mapping was changed.


Large metering data can cause page to load slowly.


Attachments of type .eml or .msg are missing from tickets submitted by email.


Schedule info does not show correctly after disabling a Linux Package Upgrade Schedule.


Managed Install snooze time is ignored. Snooze option does not reappear until next inventory interval.


Managed Install attempts used up during inventory when user alert is snoozed.


Task chain status on the Task Chain Detail page is inaccurate.


System requirements

System requirements

The minimum version required for installing KACE Systems Management Appliance 12.1 is 12.0. If your appliance is running an earlier version, you must update to the listed version before proceeding with the installation.

The minimum version required for upgrading the KACE Agent is 11.0. We recommend that you always use the same version of the agent and the KACE Systems Management Appliance.

Starting in version 12.0 of the appliance, earlier KACE Agent versions, such as 11.1, must be signed specifically for your appliance version. For example, if you are using KACE Agent 11.1 with the 12.1 version of the appliance, you must obtain and install the KACE Agent 11.1 KBIN file that is signed with the 12.1 appliance key. You can download signed KACE Agent KBIN files from the KACE Systems Management Appliance Software Downloads page.

NOTE: The KACE Agent RPM package can be installed on managed SUSE Linux devices only when the libxslt-tools package is installed before the agent package.

To check the appliance version number, log in to the Administrator Console and click Need Help. In the help panel that appears, at the bottom, click the circled 'i' button.

Before upgrading to or installing version 12.1, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements. These requirements are available in the KACE Systems Management Appliance technical specifications.

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