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KACE Systems Management Appliance 10.0 Common Documents - Release Notes

Known issues

Known issues

The following issues are known to exist at the time of this release.

Table 2. General known issues

Known issue

Issue ID

WinRM: Provisioning to newer versions of MS Windows devices using alternate location is not supported.


TICK:XXXX links in the comment section no longer work.


Redirect errors may be seen after upgrade is complete.

Workaround: Clear the cache and restart the browser.


If Detect All Patches is used, timeout errors may occur.


SAML attribute mappings are currently case sensitive.


Mac OS patches in manual labels disappear from the label after upgrading to 10.0.


OVAL scan fails on Windows Server 2019 with Timeout error.


Patching: Old custom ticket rules that reference patching no longer work.


KUserAlert can render incorrectly on MS Windows 7 when fonts are set to 125% or 150%.


The SNMP walk data is not available in the discovery results and inventory data when using SNMP version 'SNMPv2c' for some Microsoft Windows devices. The affected Windows devices are:

Workaround: Select the SNMP version SNMPv1 to prevent this problem.


The KACE Agent is not supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server version 15 and openSUSE Leap version 15 devices when SELinux is installed and enabled.


Agent fails to install on SLES v.15 with errors.

Workaround: Before installing the agent on SLES v.15, ensure the system has the following packages installed:


Import and Export of ticket templates in queue configuration (as a resource) is not currently supported.


SAML single sign on is not currently supported in KACE GO.


System requirements

System requirements

The minimum version required for installing KACE SMA 10.0 is 9.1. If your appliance is running an earlier version, you must update to the listed version before proceeding with the installation.

The minimum version required for upgrading the KACE SMA agent is 7.1. We recommend running the latest agent version with KACE SMA 10.0.

To check the appliance version number, log in to the Administrator Console and click Need Help. In the help panel that appears, at the bottom, click the circled 'i' button.

Before upgrading to or installing version 10.0, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements. These requirements are available in the KACE SMA technical specifications.

VMware ESX/ESXi requirements in 10.x

VMware ESX/ESXi requirements in 10.x

KACE SMA is a virtual appliance that runs on a virtual machine that is part of a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure. Starting in this release, the appliance includes an upgraded version of its core FreeBSD Operating System 12.0, patch 10. While some earlier versions of ESX/ESXi, such as 6.5, are still in active support, VMware officially supports FreeBSD 12.0 only in ESX/ESXi 6.7. For that reason, Quest Software strongly recommends you to upgrade your VMware ESX/ESXi environment to a version that supports FreeBSD 12.x immediately. We also encourage you to upgrade the appliance to version 10.0, and continue taking advantage of the appliance's patching solution after February 1st, 2020, along with any other features and improvements.

If you choose to run the KACE SMA 10.x on ESX/ESXi 6.5, this is at your own risk. If any investigation by Technical Support concludes that an issue is a potential result of the appliance being run on ESX/ESXi 6.5, our team may request from you to upgrade to a supported version of ESX/ESXi, in order to continue with troubleshooting.

For more information, visit

Product licensing

Product licensing

If you currently have a KACE SMA product license, no additional license is required.

If you are using KACE SMA for the first time, see the appliance setup guide for product licensing details. Go to More resources to view the appropriate guide.

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