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KACE Desktop Authority 11.2.1 - Release Notes

Release Notes

KACE® Desktop Authority 11.2.1

Release Notes

January 2022

These release notes provide information about the KACE® Desktop Authority release.


About Desktop Authority 11.2.1

Desktop Authority enables admins to proactively provision and manage the complete Windows user environment. Using Validation Logic, a patented targeting engine, Desktop Authority can tailor the environment to the user based on over 40 criteria. Admins can map drives, manage printers, configure web browsers, Outlook profiles and much more. Customize settings based on Active Directory information, network information, or whether the user is connecting from a physical, virtual or published desktop. Desktop Authority lets admins eliminate login scripts, simplify and streamline group policies and add powerful new configuration options to traditional client management systems.

  • Desktop Authority 11.2.1 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements.

IMPORTANT: Starting in version 11.0, Desktop Authority has migrated to a new licensing system. All license keys and files from earlier versions (pre 11.0) are no longer valid and a new license key is required to proceed with the current installation. Please visit for more information.

Important: The security status of the Desktop Authority installation file can become "blocked" after download, inhibiting the ability of the product to be properly installed. Please see Desktop Authority KB 262298 for information on detecting and resolving this issue.

About Expert Assist 8.7.2

ExpertAssist is the perfect choice for anyone who has ever needed to access and control a PC or server from elsewhere, be it from down the hall or from halfway around the world. All that is required to control a PC or server is a web browser or WAP-enabled wireless device.

ExpertAssist is a remote administration tool that lets you control and administer Microsoft® Windows®-based computers over a local area network or the Internet. Originally designed for network administrators, the ExpertAssist has evolved to offer a wide variety of remote computing solutions for an equally wide variety of users. Today, the ExpertAssist provides many useful capabilities such as Java-based desktop remote control, file transfer protocol (FTP) for downloading and uploading of files, configuration of the host computer, remote-to-local printing, advanced scripting, and dozens of other features.

ExpertAssist acts as the host software on the machine that is to be controlled or accessed. The client (the remote computer that is used to access the host) requires no special software. The client software is any Java enabled web browser, such as Internet Explorer (IE version 11) and others. Many Remote Control features can also be accessed and controlled using such client software as that found in handheld PDAs and WAP-enabled mobile telephones.

  • ExpertAssist 8.7.2 is a minor release, with no new functionality. See Resolved issues.

New Features

KACE® Desktop Authority11.2.1 is a minor release, with no new functionality.


Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 1: General resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
A user can't see child profiles in DA, permission is given by AD Security Groups DAMS-5411
Cannot change value of Alert type and destination for Password Expiration Alert Only DAMS-5378
Remove shortcut not working DAMS-5398
Some parameter in the Validation Logic Rules won't show the option "Active Directory" DAMS-5443
Vulnerability CVE-2018-1002208 DAMS-5469

Known Issues

The following is a list of most issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release. To see the remaining issues and feature requests, visit

Table 2: General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Initialize failed error message is received when launching the DA Reporting Tool. 4347
All available computers are not always being displayed when DA's default resource browser is being used. 2804
Issue installing the DA Reporting Tool msi to a non system drive. A "invalid drive" error is displayed. 2609
Issue displaying a PNG image as a custom logo. 2462


Table 3: Group Policy Templates (User Management) known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Unable to configure a Word 2010 policy to "Enabled" in Group Policy Templates. 10342
On Add/Remove ADMX files there is no ability to remove. 10028
Group policy template settings are getting lost when the Ctrl-alt-del.admx is added to an existing element. 10840


Table 4: Message Box (User Management) known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Message Box cycle date range not always saving the date properly. 3883


Table 5: USB/Port Security (User Management) known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
USB exception not behaving properly if the USB device remains plugged in during a reboot.



Issue where the end-user can read, write and synchronize data using iTunes on all Apple devices when the USB/Port Security Storage is set to Deny.


Issue where the end-user can access, read, write and manipulate data on Motorola tablet with Android OS when the USB/Port Security Storage is set to Deny.



Some MP3 players are not accessible when the USB Storage is set to Read Only. 9695
With USB storage set to Deny the usb storage device card reader Transcend is accessible on Windows 8.1x86 and 7x64, works (not accessible) on 8x64. 10698
When disable USB Security with administrative override there is no information being logged when coping files to/from the device. 10869
Incorrect classification of some USB CD/DVD writers as USB device as mass storage. 10955
Some Android smartphones and other mass storage devices are not reporting proper USB device classification information to Desktop Authority's USBPS( USB/Port Security) driver. This can cause access to still be allowed to these devices after a client has been configured to not allow access to mass storage devices. 3293

On some versions of Windows 10 (e.g. 1803), domain admins may see the following balloon from the USB/Port Security client: "The Read operation you are attempting on the device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0: was denied because of restrictions in effect on this computer."

The message is benign and doesn't affect any functionality.

Port Security endpoints need reboot to get it replicated and installed on client machines 5414


Table 6: DA Console known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Feature Request - Provide "Find and Replace" for all elements in console. 3397
Issue where the column width in the Desktop Authority Manager is not behaving properly when using Internet Explorer 11. Workaround: Use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (version 44 or earlier) or Internet Explorer 11. 10700
Profile tree doesn't automatically update after 'Export and Delete'. 10130
Cannot see all records via the Desktop Authority log files viewer. 10387
Console: Font shifting after adding hyperlink in signature (IE). 10715
The disabling of the slBypass feature is no longer working. 10928
Remote Management tab: Favorites has no icon. 10834
Security Policy - UAC tab setting for UAC enable/disable no longer matches the OS settings. 10059
Security Policy - enable UAC not setting the UI to the default setting although SLtrace shows UAC=enabled. 10060
DA is very slow when loading for any user that only has read only access to the console. 1544
Importing a previously exported CBM (Computer Based Management) profile results in the all elements being imported with new UIDs (Unique IDs). This causes any re-imported element, configured with "run once" validation logic, to re-execute on all clients where it previously ran. 3294
DA console times out when trying to copy/paste one element from a very large (700+) list of existing elements. 3091
Manager refresh event causes you to jump to the top of a long list of elements 3300

Possible critical error message being displayed when trying to access the Manager Console while using a custom certificate configured with certain non-standard certificate properties.

Workaround: Switch to using the product's default self-signed certificate.



Table 7: ExpertAssist known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Automate the approval of the EA certificate centrally instead of having to accept it for each remote management connection. 3645
(Applicable only for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with the “change wallpaper” function enabled) The slide show mode in wallpaper is deactivated after Remote Control management.



"Shift" key doesn't work after pressing "CapsLock" key in Remote Control. 10973
Multiple security related popups while establishing a remote management session. 1223
Intermittent error ("Error while installing DesktopAuthority Mirror Driver..") being displayed in the ExpertAssist log file when installing/upgrading the ExpertAssist client on a Windows 7 machine. 3465
The ExpertAssist client still tries connecting to the LAN gateway even when the ONRM (Off-Network Remote Management Feature) has been disabled. 3304
Error when clicking EA v5 registry. 3326
Upgrade of ExpertAssist failed due to the incomplete removal of a previous version. 4051


Table 8: Local Account Management known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Possible conflict with setting local administration password in both a General and Local Account Management element. 9673
Local User Account: Days since last used field remains blank after adding users. 9722


Table 9: Server Manager known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Server Manager: Endless 'Querying' for DA Admin service if DCOM is disabled on remote host. 10338
Server Manager User/Computer Replication Status column text do not match for "red status". 9908
Powered off server is querying and calculating most of the time in Server Manager. 10833
SMWinService.log grows continually. Error code: 1305 GetAdminServiceInfo error ScriptLogic.DAConsole.Common.ExceptionHandling.DAErrorException: ErrServiceDataRegistryAbsent. 10916


Table 10: Web Browser known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Web Browser Proxy Exceptions do not apply correctly when *. is not added before the domain & suffix. 10362
"Prevent users from making changes to proxy settings" option in Windows internet Settings does not get applied to Internet options LAN settings, if applying settings to Firefox only. 10193
IE10/IE11 issue with the web browser element when changing the home page from having multiple tabs to one. 10854
For Web Browser, some controls and settings are not locked in Firefox – Connection page, when using the option to prevent users from changing any settings on connection page in the web browser object. 551
Firefox built in add-ons exceptions are not removed, when the option "Delete any exceptions from client that are not defined here" is enabled. 546

Password exceptions for Firefox can no longer be set on the client using the DA Manager Console, due to the way how Firefox is handling this process now.

No ability to manage Chrome in the web browser object . 320


Table 11: Desktops known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
When auto-hide is enabled for the taskbar and Desktop Authority runs it causes the Start Button to disappear. 10914


Table 12: Exchange/Outlook known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
After upgrading from MS Office 2010 to 2013, there are multiple .ost files in the client machine's C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook folder 10810
The ability to fully embed an image within an email signature is currently not supported by Desktop Authority 1676
The "From" field shown in the Outlook properties on a client machine (after the email account has been configured using Desktop Authority) displays sender is "Microsoft Exchange" instead of the user's email. However, emails are still sent correctly and all recipients see the correct display name of the sender. 3476
Adding Safe Senders, Recipients or blocked senders using the Microsoft Outlook Settings feature doesn't work with Outlook 2016. 3167


Table 13: Installation known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Installer gets exception if an installation path is extremely long. 10273
Installer database screen sometimes doesn't see the existing SQL instance. 10604
IIS error during install. 10634
A configured custom certificate is sometimes changed to a self-sign certificate during upgrade. 3705


Table 14: Validation Logic known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Feature Request - Add missing WMI Win32_SystemEnclosure Chasis types to Validation Logic (for example, Type 31=Convertible instead of Desktop). 4060
The time picker in CBM validation logic has a display issue at some resolutions. 10899
CBM (Computer Based Management) elements set to execute at Shutdown/Startup do not get applied when a machine is configured to use "Fast Startup". This is because a true shutdown or startup event does not occur during a "fast shutdown" or "fast startup". 3270


Table 15: Inactivity profile object known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Editing an existing Inactivity element that has the action set to "Restart" displays the wrong boundary info for the duration field (actual value is unchanged). This is a display issue and does not affect functionality. 3319


Table 16: Third-party known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
A logon delay for five minutes is reported, causing the computer to freeze five minutes at startup. For complete details about this issue, visit 4484
Shortcut “User Start Menu (Pin)” option is not working for Windows 10. 438
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