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KACE Desktop Authority 11.2.1 - Administrator Guide

Administrator's Guide
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Delete Database and Backup

If you want the uninstall to remove the database from MS SQL, select the appropriate boxes.

You have the opportunity to backup your databases before they are removed. If you would like to back them up for safekeeping, select the appropriate checkboxes and specify a location. The default location is in the MS SQL folder. If you want to specify a different folder, it must be local to the MS SQL server and have enough permissions for the backup to be created.

Logon Scripts

Desktop Authority User Management configurations are applied to client computers based on a logon script that is assigned to a user in Active Directory. This dialog of the uninstall gives you the option of removing the Desktop Authority logon script from the Active Directory user account. Select the box to remove the assignment.


The installation is about to begin. To run Desktop Authority following the installation of its files, click the Launch Desktop Authority Manager after installation checkbox. Click Install to proceed with the installation.

The uninstall is about to begin. Click Uninstall to begin the first part of the removal of files. This will remove all program files and data if specified in the uninstall dialogs.

Removal Complete

As part of the uninstall process, an uninstall GPO will be created which will in turn remove any client side services. There will be a second part to the uninstall to remove the GPO when you are satisfied the services are removed from all client computers.

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