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KACE Desktop Authority 11.2.1 - Administrator Guide

Administrator's Guide
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Setup Tool

Installation In Progress/Complete

Once Install is clicked, the installation will begin. As the install proceeds, each section of the process will automatically be expanded to show the details and progress of the installation.

If an error is detected, you may click on the section where the error is shown for more detailed information. You will be given an option to roll back the installation. Depending upon the error that occurred, the roll back may be mandatory or optional.

Once the installation is complete, click the Finish button. If you previously chose to load Desktop Authority following the installation, the Desktop Authority web console will be loaded in your default browser. You will be presented with a login dialog.

Login to the Desktop Authority console by using a valid Active Directory user name, password and domain.

Uninstall Dialogs

Installing, upgrading, or uninstalling Desktop Authority

The Desktop Authority installation wizard walks you through a series of dialogs prompting for information that is needed to install, upgrade, or uninstall Desktop Authority, as required. Follow the wizard by entering the requested information.

To do any of the following... Click or tap...
Advance to the following page Next
Return to the previous page Back
Abort the wizard Cancel

Each of the following topics provides information about a specific step in the wizard.

Installing Desktop Authority for the first time
Upgrading Desktop Authority
Uninstalling Desktop Authority


The Infrastructure dialog shows you a list of servers where the Desktop Authority Administrative and Update services are installed. The uninstaller will stop and remove these services from the listed servers.

Website Configuration

The Website Configuration dialog is where you will decide if you want to remove the Desktop Authority security certificate. Select the box to remove it.

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