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KACE Desktop Authority 11.2.1 - Administrator Guide

Administrator's Guide
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Website Configuration

IIS Application Pool

Note: The IIS Application pool identity section is available when using SQL Windows Authentication only.

The IIS Application pool identity is used to allow IIS to host web applications/virtual folders as standalone processes to avoid application crashes. Select a Domain User account for the IIS Application pool to use. This account will automatically be granted the necessary permissions if needed.

If Windows Authentication is chosen for the SQL database installation credentials, the account selected for the IIS Application pool will need to have login access to the database. Select the Create database login if absent checkbox to allow the installer to create a SQL login for these accounts. Otherwise, they should be created manually.

The Website Configuration dialog is used to configure the Web based console (Manager). These configurations are made in Internet Information Services (IIS).

The Web Site selection allows you to configure Desktop Authority to use a site other than the default site in IIS. If you choose to use a site other than the default, it must be created prior to getting to this part of the installation. The selected site must have an HTTP port binding defined for it.

Specify Desktop Authority and Web Service virtual directories. Please reference the File Paths table in the appendices for default path locations. IIS Virtual directories are mapped to these folders.

The Global Session Timeout value is the maximum amount of time the Desktop Authority Console can sit idle before logging the user out due to inactivity. This timeout value can be overwritten for individual users in the Desktop Authority Console Preferences dialog.

Publisher Evidence will disable for all ASP.NET applications to disable .NETs automatic validity checking of Authenticode signed signatures at startup. If publisher evidence is not disabled, some services may fail to start correctly at boot time due to lengthy delays imposed by the verification process.

Since Desktop Authority updates IIS, you have the option of performing a backup of IIS before any changes are made. It is recommended to always perform this backup of IIS since there is a possibility that other applications on the same site may conflict with each other. If there are any IIS problems following the install, the backup can be restored. Select the IIS metabase Backup option to enable the backup. The backup file created in the %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\MetaBack folder. The default file name is created using a date, time format.

Off Network Remote Management

In order to remotely manage a client that is off-network, you must configure the feature here during install (or later in the DA Setup tool). Turn on the feature by selecting the I want to use Off Network Remote Management check box. A default IIS Virtual Directory and LAN TCP Port will be used. These may be overwritten if necessary.

Certificate Selection

Security certificates are used to ensure secure communication traffic.

If there are no certificates available on the server, select the Create self-signed certificate option and a new self-signed certificate will be created automatically for use with Desktop Authority. 

However, if there are installed certificates on the server and none with the Desktop Authority name, choose either to create a new self-signed certificate or select an existing certificate to use. If a previous Desktop Authority certificate is found, it will be selected from the list of existing certificates.


The installation is about to begin. To run Desktop Authority following the installation of its files, click the Launch Desktop Authority Manager after installation checkbox. Click Install to proceed with the installation.

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