KACE Desktop Authority 10.2 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest Desktop Authority 10.2

Release Notes

May 2018

These release notes provide information about the Quest Desktop Authority release.


About Desktop Authority 10.2

Desktop Authority enables admins to proactively provision and manage the complete Windows user environment. Using Validation Logic, a patented targeting engine, Desktop Authority can tailor the environment to the user based on over 40 criteria. Admins can map drives, manage printers, configure web browsers, Outlook profiles and much more. Customize settings based on Active Directory information, network information, or whether the user is connecting from a physical, virtual or published desktop. Desktop Authority lets admins eliminate login scripts, simplify and streamline group policies and add powerful new configuration options to traditional client management systems.

  • Desktop Authority 10.2 is a minor release, with enhanced features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements.

About Expert Assist 8.7

ExpertAssist is the perfect choice for anyone who has ever needed to access and control a PC or server from elsewhere, be it from down the hall or from halfway around the world. All that is required to control a PC or server is a web browser or WAP-enabled wireless device.


ExpertAssist is a remote administration tool that lets you control and administer Microsoft® Windows®-based computers over a local area network or the Internet. Originally designed for network administrators, the ExpertAssist has evolved to offer a wide variety of remote computing solutions for an equally wide variety of users. Today, the ExpertAssist provides many useful capabilities such as Java-based desktop remote control, file transfer protocol (FTP) for downloading and uploading of files, configuration of the host computer, remote-to-local printing, advanced scripting, and dozens of other features.


ExpertAssist acts as the host software on the machine that is to be controlled or accessed. The client (the remote computer that is used to access the host) requires no special software. The client software is any Java enabled web browser, such as Internet Explorer (IE version 11) and others. Many Remote Control features can also be accessed and controlled using such client software as that found in handheld PDAs and WAP-enabled mobile telephones.

  • ExpertAssist 8.7 is a minor release, with no new functionality. See Resolved issues.

New Features

New features

New features in Desktop Authority 10.2:

  • Remote Management User and Computer Lookup

    Added user/computer lookup and quick launcher remote access options to the remote management tab. Admins can now quickly find any computer(s) a user recently accessed and easily perform actions like remote controlling, launching a remote cmd (or remote registry) session, or instantly view the latest DA trace file (useful for troubleshooting purposes).

See also:



The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Desktop Authority 10.2.

Table 1: Server enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Updated the version of OpenSSL being used within the product (1.0.2n). 3565


Table 2: Client (ExpertAssist) enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Optimized ExpertAssist code to improve performance during remote control sessions. 3193


Table 3: Server (Console) enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Desktop Authority now uses an SSL certificate with 2048 bit RSA Key size by default instead of 1024. The certificate will be 2048 bits for clean installs, or if a new certificate is created during an upgrade. 3191
Added the ability for admins to choose connection defaults (HTTP or HTTPS, NTLM authentication, etc) for remote control sessions. 3290
Added the ability for admins to specify both an execution start and end date for each setting within the Validation Logic Rules options. 3336, 2590
Added the ability to remove, and subsequently re-install or update, existing printer drivers. 2198
Microsoft Outlook Settings now includes the ability to add a hyperlink to a signature without the need to edit any HTML code. 443


Table 4: Server (Client) enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Improved both server-side and client-side logging around some critical components (Sltrace, Slboost, SMWinService). 3578, 3577, 3576, 3632, 3629, 3630

Deprecated features

Deprecated features

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