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KACE as a Service 6.3 - Release Notes

Product licensing

Updating the appliance

Prepare for the update

64-bit system: If you have a physical K1000 appliance, it must be a 64-bit system. The 6.3 update cannot be installed on 32-bit appliances.
Current version: The minimum version required for installing K1000 6.3 is 6.2.109329 for the appliance and 6.0 for Agents. To check the version number of your appliance, log in to the Administrator Console, then click About K1000 at the bottom left of the window. If your appliance is running an earlier version, you must update to the listed version before proceeding with the 6.3 installation. To check the version number of an Agent, select Inventory > Devices and go to the Device Detail page for a device. Agent Version is in the Summary section.
Disk space: You must have more than 15% free disk space available on the K1000 appliance. On physical appliances, this disk space must be on the appliance's main drive.
Allow plenty of time: If you have a large database, more than 150MB in size, the update process can take several hours.
Back up before you start: Back up your database and files and save your backups to a location outside the K1000 server for future reference. For instructions on backing up your database and files, see the K1000 Administrator Guide at If your backup file (kbox_dbdata.gz) is more than 150MB in size, contact Dell Software Support for additional recommendations:
Save patch notification messages: If you have disabled patch progress notifications to managed devices, but you have notification message text that you want to keep, copy that text to a backup location. During the update, patch progress messages are deleted if patch progress notifications were disabled.
Enable SSH: Enable SSH in the Security Settings section of the Administrator Console. This provides an easier path to recovery if necessary. When the update is successful, you can disable SSH as needed.
Know the version of the deployed Agent software: K1000 Agent software that is deployed on managed devices should be at version 6.0 or higher. Older versions might not be able to communicate with version 6.3 of the K1000 server.

Update the appliance using an advertised update

You can update the appliance using an update that is advertised on the appliance Dashboard page or on the Appliance Updates page of the Administrator Console.
Go to the appliance Control Panel:
If the Organization component is enabled on the appliance: Log in to the K1000 systemui: http://K1000_hostname/system, or select System in the drop-down list in the top-right corner of the page, then click Settings.
On the left navigation bar, click Appliance Updates to display the Appliance Updates page.
Click Check for updates.
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