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IT Security Search 11.4 - User Guide

Providing Information to Support

If you need to contact Support, you should provide various technical details for a speedy response. IT Security Search includes a utility that automatically gathers all the information that support engineers may need and stores it in a single ZIP file.

To create such a file, open the About box in the IT Security Search UI, select the Contact tab and click Save Information for Support. The file is not transferred to Support automatically. To submit it, open a service request at

Quest needs your consent for gathering the data, because some information in the resulting file may be considered sensitive. Quest ensures that storage and processing of this information are duly protected to safeguard your privacy.

The following information is gathered:

  • Settings of connected products (InTrust, Change Auditor and others); passwords are encrypted
  • Security settings
  • IT Security Search log files, which contain queries, counts of found objects and IT Security Search users’ names
  • IT Security Search configuration files
  • Information about IT Security Search files: path, last write time, version
  • Status of IT Security Search stores: path, counts of collected items, sizes
  • The user-agent string of the browser
  • Products installed on the server: name, version, publisher, install date, PSChildName
  • Services installed on the server and the list of running services
  • List of running processes and their details
  • Server configuration: name, description, OS, amount of available memory, country code, current time zone, local time, encryption level, number of users, organization, OS language, DNS host name, domain, domain role, number of processors
  • Logical drive details: caption, description, drive type, size, free space, path, file system

IT Security Search uses PowerShell to collect the data.

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