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Reporting Jobs

InTrust Reporting Jobs use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for report generation. Reporting jobs run in the Quest.Shotgun.InTrust.ReportingJob.exe executable; a separate instance of Quest.Shotgun.InTrust.ReportingJob.exe is created for each job of that type. InTrust Reporting jobs allow reports to be run against any InTrust database (Configuration, Alerts, Audit) configured as a data source for reporting:

  • A reporting job can use the data source specified in the report configuration.
  • To access the database, a reporting job requires that the credentials are specified correctly.
  • A reporting job creates a temporary data source for report generation.

Reporting Process

The reporting process in InTrust involves the following:

  1. Reads the reporting job configuration from the configuration database.
  2. Establishes a connection to the Report Server.
  3. Instructs the Report Server to generate the reports (reports are generated sequentially) and deliver the reports (as specified in the delivery options).
  4. Sends a notification (if appropriate).

If a reporting job is configured to use report-driven data import, then data required for the report(s) is retrieved from the repository and placed into the database prior to report generation. The following accounts are used during the reporting job that has data import enabled:

  • Reporting job account—the one under which the reporting job is launched. Reporting job account is specified in the job properties on the General tab.
  • Import job account—the one under which data is imported from the source repository to the audit database. This is either the account inherited from the task, or (if this is a hidden import job that InTrust creates for Knowledge Portal) the InTrust Server service account.
  • Database connection account—the one under which the audit database is accessed to import data and report on it.

For more information on report-driven data import, refer to the Reporting Job topic.

Cleanup Jobs

Two executables are used for data cleanup purposes:

  • itrt_retention.exe, which is used by alert database cleanup jobs to remove the specified alerts from the alerts database.
  • RetentionJob.exe, which is used by audit database cleanup and repository cleanup jobs.

Repository cleanup jobs delete whole files from the repository; if a repository file spans a date/time boundary, the file is not deleted.

Audit database cleanup jobs remove data from the following tables:

  • Events
  • EventsStrings
  • EventsData
  • EventsDescriptions

The TRUNCATE statement, which requires dbo rights, is used when the delete ALL option selected.

RetentionJob.exe does not delete position data, so InTrust knows the last gathered/imported events. Position data for imported events is stored in the GatheredEvents table; position data for gathered events is stored in the repository, in files that contain a NULL GUID in the filename.

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