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InTrust 11.3 - Deployment Guide

InTrust Deployment Options Performing Extended Deployment of InTrust Extending a Default InTrust Deployment Mapping out Your Environment for InTrust Role-Based Administration of InTrust InTrust Configuration Licensing Sample Deployment and Configuration Scenario


When you install the product and launch InTrust Manager for the first time, you will be asked to provide a license. Supply the license that you obtained from the sales representative. If you do not supply a license, most of InTrust functionality will be unavailable to you.

To obtain a license, contact your local sales office listed at

Sample Deployment and Configuration Scenario

The following topics describe a simple custom InTrust deployment and its post-installation configuration:

Lab Configuration Overview

Lab Configuration Overview

The deployment scenario described below was designed to fit the following test lab configuration:

  • 4 trusted domains within a well-connected area
  • Standalone IIS servers behind a firewall

The deployment scenario assumes the following:

  • One of the test domains is considered central.
  • Audit data will be gathered into domain-level repositories and then consolidated into a central repository.
  • Both domain-level reports and consolidated reports on data from all 4 domains will be generated.
  • Real-time monitoring alerts will be viewed in both the central console and local consoles in each domain.
  • For the sake of simplicity, you can create a single service account with the Domain Admins rights and supply this account for all InTrust operations.

In a production environment, we recommend that you granularly assign the required permissions to InTrust service accounts. For details, see System Requirements.

InTrust Organization Configuration Overview

In the InTrust organization that you are going to set up in this scenario:

  • InTrust servers are installed in each domain
  • All InTrust servers are installed into one organization (this way it is possible to view all alerts in one central Monitoring Console)
  • All InTrust servers share a single configuration database

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