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InTrust 11.3 - Deployment Guide

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Configuring Quest Knowledge Portal

Configuring Knowledge Portal

To configure Knowledge Portal after the setup is completed, open the Knowledge Portal home page, for example, from the Start menu.

The following topics describe how to specify some of the security settings and data source properties required for Knowledge Portal operation:

Associating a Data Source with an InTrust Database

When InTrust reports are installed during the InTrust setup, several predefined shared data sources are created. After installation, reports related to InTrust are linked to the following data sources:

  • InTrust Configuration
  • InTrust Audit
  • InTrust Alerts

To view the reports on the alerts, audit or configuration data, you should configure certain data source to point to a corresponding database. Initial association is made during the setup so that InTrust Audit data source points to InTrust Audit database specified at InTrust installation, and so on. However, you can associate your data sources with other databases.

To associate a data source with another database:

  1. Click the Data Sources tab in the left pane and select the desired data source in the tree.
  2. In the right pane, click Modify Data Source in the Manage Data Source pane.
  3. Follow the wizard to modify the data source properties you need to change. For details, refer to the Working with InTrust Reports document.

Note: If you need to rename the data source, you will have to modify the data source properties via the Reporting Services interface (the wizard does not provide for renaming the data source). For that, click Data Source Properties in the Manage Data Source pane, edit the data source name, click Apply and then click Back.


Configuring Knowledge Portal Access Rights

Security settings allow you to provide the report users with access rights specifically to reports they need. These rights are assigned through specifying appropriate SQL Server Reporting Services role to a user or group account, and providing for access to the database where InTrust data is stored. For more information about security configuration, see the Configuring Access Rights topic.

Configuring InTrust Monitoring Console

To configure InTrust Monitoring Console after the setup is completed, open the Monitoring Console Administration page, for example, from the Start menu.

Here you can manage the profiles which allow authorized users to work with InTrust alerts.

Caution: Alert records are available to users only if their accounts were granted sufficient rights to view the alerts or modify their state. For more information about how to configure alert security settings, see the Alert Security Settings topic.

Users can work with the alerts they need using the alert views. To create or modify a view, open the Monitoring Console, for example, from the Start menu, select the necessary profile, and follow the procedures described in the Monitoring Console Help.

You can configure Monitoring Console to notify you of a new alert when you are working with the alerts in the certain alert view. For that, in the Monitoring Console, go to My Preferences tab, and select the Pop up a message box when new alerts arise checkbox. When a new alert arises, a message will be displayed asking whether to refresh the current view. Refresh means the following:

  • New alerts are incorporated into the view
  • The view is reloaded, opening on the first page (regardless of the page you have been working with)

Note: The message is displayed only when the Alerts tab is active (when the Search tab is active, no message is displayed even if the corresponding check box was selected).

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