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InTrust 11.3.2 - What's New

What's New in InTrust 11.3.2

PowerShell-Based Real-Time Response Actions

Real-time monitoring rule response actions of the "Execute Script" type now support PowerShell scripts.

PDF Format Subsumes Multiple Formats for Repository Viewer Output

From this version on, InTrust no longer supports the MHT, Word, PowerPoint and XML formats for scheduled Repository Viewer reports and export of results from Repository Viewer. The PDF format is offered instead. Your existing scheduled reports will continue to be delivered in these formats until you edit the scheduled reporting settings.

Different Distribution Method for Knowledge Pack for Excel

InTrust Knowledge Pack for Excel is not provided as part of the InTrust distribution package anymore. It is now available on request from Quest Support.

Support for Ubuntu Linux

The following Ubuntu Linux versions can now be audited and monitored: 18.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS.

Support for Debian GNU/Linux 9

Debian GNU/Linux 9 can now be audited and monitored.

Better Support for Various Exchange Configurations

Due to improved handling of log paths and auditing options, InTrust can now gather logs from Exchange servers regardless of the Exchange server roles configured for them. Importantly, Edge Transport servers are now fully supported.


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