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InTrust 11.3.1 - What's New

What's New in InTrust 11.3.1

Support for TLS 1.2

InTrust can now work in environments where TLS 1.2 is used exclusively.

Auditing and Real-Time Monitoring of Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliances

This version of InTrust includes the new Knowledge Pack for Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance. It provides task-based auditing and real-time monitoring capabilities based on Syslog messages forwarded from InterScan Web Security virtual appliances to Linux hosts. Real-time collection of such events is not supported.

CSV Format Subsumes Excel Format for Repository Viewer Output

From this version on, InTrust no longer supports the Microsoft Excel format for scheduled Repository Viewer reports and export of results from Repository Viewer. Instead of continued support for two similar formats, InTrust now has better support for CSV, making sure CSV files open correctly in Excel.

New in InTrust 11.3

Quest Rebranding

In this release, the product is rebranded Quest InTrust.

Support for Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 can now be audited and monitored, and InTrust components can be installed on this operating system.

InTrust Deployment Manager Overhaul

InTrust Deployment Manager has received some important updates:

  • Repository management has a dedicated view.
    You don't have to access repositories in a roundabout way any more. All of your repositories are available on the new Storage tab.
  • You have the option to set up daily repository cleanup for repositories where you keep only the most recent data.
    Keeping such repositories lean and fast is now effortless.
  • The new Home tab guides you through the workflow.
    You can get the hang of InTrust Deployment Manager in minutes, even if you have never worked with the software before.

Charts in Repository Viewer Reports

Printable reports generated by Repository Viewer can now use pie chart and column graph representation.

IT Security Search Integration

You can run relevant searches in IT Security Search from multiple contexts in InTrust:

  • Event details in Repository Viewer
  • Real-time alerts in Monitoring Console (alert template customization needed)
  • Notification messages sent by extended InTrust deployments (notification template customization needed)

To run a search, click the query URL or shortcut menu item provided. This search returns data that is relevant to the event at hand so that you can perform quick analysis.

Friendly Event Field Names in Alerts and Notifications

You can customize templates for notifications and real-time alerts to include named fields that don't occur in the original events but are calculated by InTrust. This makes it easy to include information from such important fields as Who, Whom, When, What, Where, Where From and so on, no matter which original event fields are mapped to them.

Conditional Notification During Real-Time Monitoring

The classic notification operators available in extended InTrust deployments have received a major enhancement. In addition to explicitly specifying accounts as recipients, you can supply scripts that decide who to notify based on events that trigger real-time monitoring alerts. One such script is shipped with InTrust: "Manager Address Discovery". This script finds out the initiator of the captured event and discovers the email address of that user's manager.

You can provide your own scripts to suit your needs.

Support for Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux 8 can now be audited and monitored.

Support for Active Roles 7

This release extends the Active Roles auditing and monitoring capabilities of InTrust to version 7.


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