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GPOADmin 5.15 - User Guide

Introducing Quest GPOADmin Configuring GPOADmin Using GPOADmin
Connecting to the Version Control system Navigating the GPOADmin console Search folders Accessing the GPMC extension Configuring user preferences Working with the live environment Working with controlled objects (version control root) Checking compliance Editing objects Synchronizing GPOs Exporting and importing
Creating Reports Working with the GPOADmin Dashboard Appendix: Windows PowerShell Commands Appendix: GPOADmin Event Log Appendix: GPOADmin Backup and Recovery Procedures Appendix: Customizing your workflow Appendix: GPOADmin Silent Installation Commands Appendix: Configuring Gmail for Notifications Appendix: Registering GPOADmin for Office 365 Exchange Online Appendix: GPOADmin with SQL Replication About Us

Client, Dashboard (no service), and GPMC Extension

This command installs the Client, Dashboard (no service) and GPMC Extension on a computer that has the GPOADmin components installed (localhost).


Appendix: Configuring Gmail for Notifications

Using Gmail for Workflow Approvals

To enable the ability to approve or reject changes through Gmail, you need to:

Creating a Gmail Credentials File

The API credentials file allows GPOADmin to connect to Gmail, verify the authorization, get access and refresh tokens to retrieve and send messages.

For best practice information on securely using API keys see the Google Support documentation (

Open Review the Terms of Service and click Agree and Continue.
Click Create Credentials | Create OAuth client ID.
Click Download to download the credential information in JSON format.
Open and select to Enable Gmail API for the GPOADmin project.
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