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GPOADmin 5.15 - Release Notes

Known issues

Index out of range exception is generated in the even log for the Watcher Service after upgrading to 5.15. This will be resolved once the database is upgraded.


The ability to enable FIPS mode for GPOADmin was introduced in GPOADmin 5.14. During an upgrade from 5.13.5 to 5.15, the service is started before the configuration store is updated resulting in an “EnableFIPSmode” error. Once the configuration store is update, the error will be resolved.


Exchange settings are not upgraded correctly from 5.13.5 to 5.14 due to the addition of OAuth 2.0 support. To resolve this, you will need to enter your notification settings.


To use the Dashboard, the GPOADmin service, Dashboard service, and Dashboard client must all be installed on the same host.


If you create a SOM backup in one forest and import it to another, the links will appear as deleted GPOs if those GPOs cannot be accessed from the second forest.


After migrating the configuration store from Active Directory to SQL, backups are not removed when pressing the Apply Settings button on the Backup Retention page of the Service Options.


Running ConfigMig.exe. does not migrate all service options as expected.


Error upgrading with SQL replication.

Workaround: If using SQL replication, disable replication before upgrading the database.


Synchronization to locked objects is allowed.


Opening the version control options dialog causes GPOADmin to become unresponsive if the OAuth 2.0 credentials used for authentication are expired


Importing a DSC script backup into a file that has existing content does not function properly.


An exception error occurs when you perform a checkout and deploy after a rollback.


PowerShell becomes unresponsive if you close the authorization window before authorization is granted while executing the Set-GmailOptions command.

Workaround: Set the Gmail options through the GPOADmin console.


The context menu on the Linked Group Policy Objects page of the Group Policy Modeling Wizard results in the wizard loosing focus when launched via Citrix XenDesktop.


Backups will not be remove for unregistered objects when running the Remove-Backups PowerShell command.


Rolling back a moved OU does not move the OU back to it original location.


Using SQL as a backup store will not allow you to export historical versions of GPOs as Protected Settings Policies.


When adding or removing account from the Access tab in the GPOADmin Properties, the display may not function properly and hide accounts.


Each time that you change the Enable workflow approval through email option, you must restart the service for the change to take effect.


Compliance actions may result in an unhandled exception in the GPMC Extension.

Workaround: To avoid this issue, you can either perform the compliance actions in the client or by running the Check compliance wizard.


If users do not have the User role assigned on the Version Control root, they may not have the required rights to successfully run the User Activity report.


If an object is renamed or deleted within Active Directory, the Approvals tab does not reflect the change.


Some GPO settings are not backwards compatible between operating systems.


When you edit GPOs, you are notified of persistent registry values through a flashing icon on the Registry Cleanup button in the GPO Editor. For this notification to display, you must first close and then open the GPO Settings property page by selecting the Edit menu.


The Watcher Service needs to be restarted after changing Configuration Stores.


Deploying a GPO containing existing Software Installation packages may cause each of those packages to be reinstalled on target workstations.


When checking for compliance, GPOADmin will not perform a backup if the unauthorized changes result in an object in the same state as the currently stored version.


After changing storage locations, the individual version information is not transferred from the old storage location to the new. You must keep the old storage server online if you want to still access those individual versions.


When using the SeizeVCRole.exe utility, if a port is specified with the new server name, the utility assumes that the new server is an AD LDS instance. When using an Active Directory Version Control server, the default port of 389 does not need to be specified.


When you are editing a GPO with both the GPOADmin console and the GPMC Extension open, closing the Group Policy Object Editor may not return you to the expected interface.



Table 5. Reports

For GPO difference reports to run properly when they contain Authentication Services settings, Quest Authentication Services must be installed on the GPOADmin client and the GPOADmin server.


In the Difference Report, filters are not supported for GPO Preference settings.


The MMC snap-in may become unresponsive when running the Group Policy Object Consistency Report with 5000 or more GPOs.


In the Group Policy Settings and Resultant Set of Policies reports, some dates (for example, Created, Modified and Applied date) will display with the time zone of the GPOADmin Server.


Pre-existing GPO settings are being displayed in the Change Auditor Working Copies report.


When viewing Preference settings in the Difference Report, the values displayed for text entries may have a capital letter when the actual value is a lower-case letter. This may cause some date settings to be incorrect. 


When installing the GPOADmin service on a system with User Account Control turned on, the installer must be launched using elevated privileges. To do this, run the 'Quest GPOADmin.msi' file from an elevated command prompt.


Table 7. Third Party

Information about new Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008.

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message when you view the GPO backup settings in the Group Policy Management Console.

System requirements


2Ghz CPU



Hard disk space

1 Gb (prefer 50Gb if backups and reports stored on the same drive) hard disk space

Operating systems

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

Same system requirements as GPOADmin.

Upgrade and compatibility

Note the following when upgrading GPOADmin:

To permit a user to see the live environment:

1 Login to GPOADmin as a GPOADmin administrator.
2 Right-click the
Live Environment node and select Properties.
3 On the Security tab, add one or more users who require access to the live environment.
4 Click OK.

Authentication Services integration


Due to rebranding, changes are required in the registry setting for the integration to function correctly.

Authentication Services installs to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quest Software\Quest Group Policy Manager\Extensions\vgp


GPOADmin version 5.12 and above requires the settings to be installed under this registry key:



Compatible Products

GPOADmin 5.15 is compatible with the following software:

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