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GPOADmin 5.15 - Release Notes

Quest® GPOADmin® 5.15

Quest® GPOADmin® 5.15

About this release

GPOADmin gives organizations control of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) across the enterprise. Built to augment the Microsoft GPMC, GPOADmin provides comprehensive GPO management with additional features such as offline editing, reporting, archival and restoration, version control, test framework, change notification and approval, and quick rollback in the event that an object change has unexpected results.

New features

As a result of ongoing research and development, and in response to customer feedback, the following enhancements have been made in this release of Quest GPOADmin:

Resolved issues

The following is a list of resolved issues in this release.

Deploying changes to an Organizational Unit with a large number of linked Group Policy Objects may result in communication timeouts.


GPO setting edits are not applied when a GPO is linked before the settings are deployed.


Unregister and remove history does not delete data in the backup share.


Newly created OU canonical name displays in the wrong order.


GPO version incorrectly increments when an edit is not completed.


Synchronization targets are duplicated when they are set using AD / ADLDS as the configuration store.


Unable to modify live environment security after an upgrade.


During a GPO merge, some extensions are not merged correctly.


Register right on the live domain is required to merge GPOs.


Registering a GPO results in permissions being out of sync in GPMC before the GPOs first deployment from GPOADmin.


The GPO Comparison report does not function properly when policies are managed on different GPOADmin servers in the same console.


Users granted live environment access through a non-domain users group are unable to import objects from the live environment.


When merging GPOs to an existing GPO, the extension value in Active Directory is overwritten rather than merged.


Workflow approvals are not processed in order when ADLDS is used as the configuration store.


GPOADmin closes unexpectedly when running a GPO modeling report.


Unable to merge GPOs between foreign domains.


Unable to run the database creation scripts.


Entering text in the search field in the Options dialogue causes GPOADmin to close unexpectedly.


Email address must be set for users to see notifications in Notification manager. Users are not notified when adding notifications through PowerShell.


Unable to make changes to the installation through Add / Remove Programs.

Workaround: Launch the original installer and click the Change button.


The Object Picker in the installer does not list Service Accounts.


Option to enable SMTP notifications through Exchange is enabled with a new installation.


Regardless of the number of assigned approvers, workflow buttons are only included in the first approver’s email.


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