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GPOADmin 5.13.5 - User Guide

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Checking a GPO against a Protected Settings policies and blocked extensions

A GPO that resides in a container with Protected Settings enabled will be checked against the protected settings policy when the GPO is checked in using Check-In.

During a check-in, the GPO is checked against the Protected Settings policy and any blocked extensions. Users that have the Modify Protected Settings right on the GPO in question, will have the option to continue with the check in and override the blocked setting or review a report and address the issue.

The report displays with the associated Protected Settings policies and blocked extensions, how many matches were found, and the Validation mode (either setting name or value).

Validating a GPO against a Protected Settings policies and blocked extensions before a check-in

A GPO can be checked against the Protected Setting policy and blocked extensions before checking it in.

Right-click the GPO you want to check and select Protected Settings | Verify Protected Settings.
Select View Report to generate a report that displays the differences between the GPO and the Protected Settings policy. You can select to print or save the report. Once you have finished viewing the report click Close.
Click OK in the Protected Settings Modifications Detected dialog box to close it.


Using GPOADmin

Connecting to the Version Control system

When the GPOADmin console is closed, the GPOADmin servers you were connected to are persisted, so the next time you open GPOADmin the connections to those servers are initiated automatically.

If you selected the “Remember my password” check box during the initial connection, then you will not be prompted for credentials the next time you connect. Each connection to this server from here on will automatically use the specified credentials, which are stored in Windows Credentials Manager. To logon as a different user, you must remove the entry from the Windows Credentials Manager.

Right-click the GPOADmin node and select Connect To.
Click New to create a new connection and enter the server name.
Select the required Version Control server and click Connect to connect with the current logged on user credentials or select the down arrow in the Connect button and select Connect As to enter new credentials (domain\user and password).
To save the credentials, select the Remember my password check box and click OK.
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