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GPOADmin 5.13.5 - Release Notes

Quest® GPOADmin® 5.13.5

Quest® GPOADmin® 5.13.5

About this release

GPOADmin gives organizations control of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) across the enterprise. Built to augment the Microsoft GPMC, GPOADmin provides comprehensive GPO management with additional features such as offline editing, reporting, archival and restoration, version control, test framework, change notification and approval, and quick rollback in the event that an object change has unexpected results.

New features

As a result of ongoing research and development, and in response to customer feedback, the following enhancements have been made in this release of Quest GPOADmin:

Resolved issues

The following is a list of resolved issues in this release.

GPOADmin may log you in as the previous user if you do not log in with new credentials.


Unable to schedule deployments when using an SQL configuration store and accessing GPOADmin through a group.


When GPOADmin servers share a configuration store, a "Key not valid for use in specified state" error is thrown when synchronization is set up on one server but triggered on another.


Unable to select both the option to "Use Migration Table Exclusively" and "Migrate Security Filter" when synchronizing GPOs.


Unable to select containers for users / computers in the Group Policy Modelling Report wizard.


Unable to install GPOADmin 5.12 or 5.13 on Window 10 version 1809.


Deleted GPOs are listed in the options to link to a Scope of Management.


Unable to go back to an AD / AD LDS configuration store after making the change to a SQL configuration store.


The Notification Manager becomes unresponsive when enumerating a large number of mail enabled users.


Manually running the GPOADmin database creation scripts throws errors for unused stored procedures on the creation of a new database.


When the console user and the GPOADmin user have different permissions authentication issues may be encountered.


Notification emails format cannot handle long DN paths.


GPO Consistency reports fails when domain controllers cannot be reached.


Due to the caching of connection credentials, it is possible for a user to gain elevated access if multiple connections to the same Version Control system are opened from the same instance without restarting the client.


GPOADmin becomes unresponsive when creating a starter GPO.


Difference report shows incorrect changes for the Security Options settings.


When using SQL as a configuration store, process approval inheritance for subcontainers does not function properly.


When using SQL as a configuration store, the last deployed date of new items displays incorrectly as 01/01/1753.


When using SQL as a configuration store, all version control containers are visible regardless of the assigned access.


Protected settings and blocked extensions are not (visibly) propagating to child Version Control containers. Although not displayed in the UI, the settings and blocked extensions are applied.


The “Managed By” container property does not propagate to items within the container when using SQL as a configuration store.


The “Process approvals in order” container property does not propagate to items within the container when using SQL as a configuration store.


The Import Wizard displays the "last modified" time in UTC format.


Using the configmig.exe to migrate objects from Active Directory to SQL, results in the "last deployed" time for the migrated objects being displayed in UTC format.


Errors in the event log may reference the wrong domain in a disjointed namespace.


The Protected Settings Override dialog does not display for Administrators in the GPMC Extension or Dashboard.


Migrating the Version Control root container with protected settings applied causes an error when the root does not contain any sub containers.


Applying protected settings to an empty Version Control root container causes an error.


GPO Lineage checks out and creates a working copy for linked workflow disabled SOMs.


Reports generated by GPMC may have display issues, when viewed on Windows 10 or Server 2016.


To use the Dashboard, the GPOADmin service, Dashboard service, and Dashboard client must all be installed on the same host.


When installing the Watcher service feature only, the installer does not write the selected GPOADmin service to the registry.


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