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Foglight 6.3.0 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External Microsoft SQL Server Database

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Option 1 - Run the Foglight database tool to configure the database

Run Foglight’s database tool from the command line after exiting the installer. The database tool is located in the <foglight_home>\client\ directory.

NOTE: Option 1 does not currently support the creation of a SQL Server® database with Windows® integration.
NOTE: The tool creates the -Ddb.schema.username user when you run the command.

Option 2 - Run SQL scripts to configure the database

If you clicked Create during the database installation step, the SQL scripts in the <foglight_home>\scripts\sql directory are prepared with the provided configuration options. SQL Server® generates four SQL scripts for each Authentication type:

You can review these scripts before running them.

You must run the configured scripts against the database using a third-party tool.

Run the .sql scripts by issuing the following commands from the prompt in the order shown:
NOTE: In the following commands, replace <admin_username> and <admin_password> with the user name and password for the user account of the Microsoft SQL Server administrator.
NOTE: The script sqlsvr_create_db.sql does not drop the existing schema.
NOTE: The script sqlsvr_integratedauth_create_db.sql does not drop the existing schema.

After you have run all four scripts, you can start the Management Server. Proceed to Starting and stopping the Management Server.

Initializing the database

Initializing the database

For external databases, once the database has been successfully initialized, you can run Foglight.

Starting and stopping the Management Server

The following sections describe how to start and stop the Management Server:

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