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Foglight 6.3.0 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External Microsoft SQL Server Database

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Importing self-signed certificates to Foglight TrustStore

Foglight needs to verify self-signed certificates. It is necessary to configure the TrustStore properly for encrypted database/LDAP connection.

Non-FIPS mode

In non-FIPS mode, to be compatible with former Foglight versions, Foglight uses JRE TrustStore as the default TrustStore. The default TrustStore will NOT be preserved during Foglight upgrade. Foglight also support a separate TrustStore, which will be preserved during upgrade. Choose the one that best suits your needs:

Option 1: Import the certificate into the embedded JRE TrustStore, <foglight_home>\jre\lib\security\cacerts (default password: changeit), with the following command:
<foglight_home>\jre\bin\keytool -import -file <path_to_cert_file> -alias <alias_of_cert> -keystore <foglight_home>\jre\lib\security\cacerts -storepass <store_pwd>
Prepare TrustStore: copy <foglight_home>\config\security\trust.keystore.sample to <foglight_home>\config\security\trust.keystore
Import the certificate into the Foglight TrustStore, <foglight_home>\ config\security\trust.keystore (default password: nitrogen), with the following command:

FIPS-compliant mode

In FIPS-compliant mode, it is required to use FIPS-validated KeyStore type BCFKS.

Import the certificate into the Foglight default TrustStore in FIPS-compliant mode, <foglight_home>\config\security\trust.fips.keystore (default password: nitrogen) with the following command:

Setting up an encrypted database connection

The server.config file contains the optional parameter server.database.secureconn, which is used as part of the process of setting up an encrypted database connection for a MySQL® ,Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server® databases.

In Foglight FIPS-compliant mode,or when using encrypted database connections, it is required to import self-signed SQL Server certificates to Foglight TrustStore.. For more information, refer to Importing self-signed certificates to Foglight TrustStore .

For more detailed control over the database connection properties, the server.config file contains a server.database.url property that can be configured with the JDBC URL that should be used to connect to the Microsoft® SQL Server® database.

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