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Foglight 5.9.8 - Release Notes

Foglight 5.9.8 Release Notes

Foglight® 5.9.8

Release Notes

December 2020



Welcome to Foglight

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Welcome to Foglight

Welcome to Foglight

Quest's Foglight® solution simplifies application performance monitoring and reduces the skills and effort required to manage applications, the user experience, and the supporting infrastructure.

Unlike other solutions, Foglight uses a single code base, and has a model-driven design that couples fast deployment and accelerated time-to-value. It offers the modular flexibility required to deliver a range of capabilities and sophistication to meet the needs of any organization—from those still focused on technology-centric monitoring to those that have completed the transition to application-centric or transactional monitoring.

Foglight performs equally well in physical, virtual, and mixed infrastructure environments, providing visibility into issues affecting the application and end-user experience. Intuitive workflows help you quickly move from the symptom to the root cause in the application, database, infrastructure, or network to resolve issues, reducing mean time to resolution. Predefined and drag-and-drop dashboards provide insight that is tailored to each stakeholder. By offering comprehensive visibility into your monitored environment, Foglight helps ensure that cross-functional teams collaborate on and prioritize issues that matter most to the business.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds, and other important information about the 5.9.8 release of Foglight. Review all sections before starting the installation.


What's New

What's New

The 5.9.8 release of the Foglight Management Server contains the following new features and enhancements:


User Experience Enhancement

  • Improved performance for Blackout dashboard. (FGL-20204)
  • Added more details in audit log when deleting a blackout. (FGL-20331)
  • Introduced a new My Services dashboard for Foglight services. (FGL-20425)
  • Introduced a new style for the tabs. (FGL-20463)
  • Supports multiple line message in alarm details. (FGL-20475)
  • Increased the default configuration for maximum JDBC connection to 60. (FGL-20502)
  • Implemented new icons in Alarms and Agent Status dashboard. (FGL-20538)
  • Supports to permanently purge old agent version log files and agent folders via FMS. (FGL-20539)
  • Changed INFER_HOLES_GAP_DEFAULT to 5 minutes to reduce gaps in chart. (FGL-20595)
  • Supports to display rule names in ServiceNow incident and added a Backward Synchronization Strategy Configuration. (FGLCM-22)
  • Migrated installer from Installanywhere 8 to Installanywhere 2020. (FGLCM-38)
  • Introduced an automatic cleanup task to delete history version for persistable configurations. (FGLCM-63)
  • Upgraded embedded PostgreSQL version from 9.4 to 10.14. (FGLCM-66)
  • Supports to perform daily cleanup for Foglight registry tables so as to reduce the registry table size. (FGLCM-94)
  • Supports SNMP v3 trap in FoglightTrapAction and FoglightTrapSender. (FGLCM-131)
  • Supports to fire an alarm when FMS HTTP certificate is about to expire. (FGLCM-133)
  • Provided REST API for agent start, stop, and delete. (FGLCM-260)
  • Supports customized values in Foglight trap actions. (FGLCM-265)


Security Enhancement

  • Reviewed Tomcat Cipher suites and removed the suites with weak cipher. (FGL-20482)
  • Disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 for Foglight Management Server. (FGL-20495)
  • Upgraded spring framework libraries for CVE-2018-1272, CVE-2016-1000027, CVE-2020-5421, CVE-2020-5408. (FGLCM-95)
  • Upgraded xmlsec library for CVE-2019-12400. (FGLCM-95)
  • Upgraded Apache commons libraries for WS-2014-0034, CVE-2019-10086, CVE-2014-0114. (FGLCM-95)
  • Upgraded Apache POI libraris for CVE-2019-12415. (FGLCM-95)
  • Upgraded dom4j for CVE-2018-1000632. (FGLCM-95)
  • Upgraded Bouncy Castle java provider for CVE-2019-17359. (FGLCM-95)
  • Upgraded Tomcat to 7.0.106. (FGLCM-151)
  • Encrypted Foglight Database repository password printed in Server log. (FGLCM-278)


Support Platforms and Browsers

  • Added support for Oracle® database 18c. (FGL-20032)
  • Added support for Oracle database 19c. (FGL-20418)
  • Added support for CentOS and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.x. (FGL-20480)
  • Added support for Oracle Linux 8.x. (FGL-20481)
  • Added support for Ubuntu® Linux 20.04 LTS. (FGL-20488)
  • Added support for MySQL® 8.x. (FGL-20489)
  • Added support for PostgreSQL® 11/12. (FGL-20490)
  • Added support for SQL Server® (Amazon RDS). (FGL-20497)
  • Added support for SQL Server 2019. (FGL-20535)
  • Added support for PostgreSQL (Amazon RDS). (FGL-20600)


Foglight Agent Manager

The Foglight Agent Manager (FglAM) is upgraded to version 5.9.8. For more information about the Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.8, refer to the Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.8 Release Notes.

Note: The FglAM 32-bit platforms will not be supported after FglAM 5.9.8.



The Infrastructure cartridge was upgraded to version 5.9.8. For more information about the Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.8, refer to the Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.8 Release Notes.


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