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Foglight 5.9.3 - Release Notes

Foglight 5.9.3 Release Notes

Foglight® 5.9.3

Release Notes

July 2018



Welcome to Foglight

What's New

Resolved issues and enhancements

Known issues

Third party known issues

Upgrade and compatibility

System requirements

Product licensing

Getting started with Foglight

About Us


Welcome to Foglight

Welcome to Foglight

Quest's Foglight® solution simplifies application performance monitoring and reduces the skills and effort required to manage applications, the user experience, and the supporting infrastructure.

Unlike other solutions, Foglight uses a single code base, and has a model-driven design that couples fast deployment and accelerated time-to-value. It offers the modular flexibility required to deliver a range of capabilities and sophistication to meet the needs of any organization—from those still focused on technology-centric monitoring to those that have completed the transition to application-centric or transactional monitoring.

Foglight performs equally well in physical, virtual, and mixed infrastructure environments, providing visibility into issues affecting the application and end-user experience. Intuitive workflows help you quickly move from the symptom to the root cause in the application, database, infrastructure, or network to resolve issues, reducing mean time to resolution. Predefined and drag-and-drop dashboards provide insight that is tailored to each stakeholder. By offering comprehensive visibility into your monitored environment, Foglight helps ensure that cross-functional teams collaborate on and prioritize issues that matter most to the business.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds, and other important information about the 5.9.3 release of Foglight. Review all sections before starting the installation.


What's New

What's New

Note: Foglight will be discontinuing support for the following operating systems starting with the next Foglight release: 32-bit Windows, 32-bit Linux, Solaris SPARC64, and Solaris 86-64. If you are still using these platforms and need further assistance, contact Quest Support.


The 5.9.3 release of the Foglight Management Server contains the following new features and enhancements:

User Experience

  • Added a Tour Guide to help you walk through the Foglight Management Sever at the first login. (FGL-19709)
  • Added the new Rest API dashboard under Dashboards > Administration to view and manage REST APIs. (FGL-19681)
  • Changed the user privilege required for performing blackouts to "Operator". (FGL-19640)
  • Added the Active Alarm Blackouts view on the Alarms dashboard. (FGL-19639)
  • Added two new REST APIs, Push alarm by properties (POST) and Push alarm by query (POST). (FGL-19622)
  • Added the customizer icon to change the metric display on any chart or graph. (FGL-19530)
  • Added the support of SAML 2.0 SSO. The supported IDP includes ADFS 2.0 and PingFederation 8.x or later. (FGL-18756)
  • Added the new Administration > Tooling > Location dashboard. (WCF-15963)
  • Under Dashboards > Configuration > Definitions > Add View, added three new Analytics components: Tree Map Chart, Bubble Chart, and Scatter Chart. These new components all support the Drag and Drop function. (WCF-15945)


  • Added a fixed TCP 4444 port as the Federation RMI Service port. When a firewall exists between the Federation Master and the Federated Children, the TCP 4444 port must be opened on the Federation Children. (FGL-19805)


  • Alarms
    • Added the Service Selector filter in the Alarm Filter dialog box. (FGL-19649)
  • Support
    • Added the capability for cleaning up messages on the Support Notification dashboard. (FGL-19295)
  • User Preferences
    • Added the new User Email Address metric on the Configuration > User Preferences dashboard. (FGL-19644)
  • User &Security
    • Improved the performance of the User & Security dashboard. (FGL-19703)

Foglight Command Line

  • Added proxy connections in the Foglight Command Line. (FGL-12434)

Topology Objects, Notifications, and Registry Variables

  • Added new Registry Variable mail.smtp.ehlo and made it configurable. (FGL-19726)
  • Changed the default value of removeAbandonedTimeout in from 900 seconds to 3600 seconds. (FGL-19711)
  • Added the capability for sending the weekly email to notify administrator about broken agents and other Foglight issues. (FGL-19650)
  • Added the capability for modifying baseline.jvmargs.config of the Agent Manager remotely. (FGL-19645)
  • Clear the All Objects checkbox by default in the Registry Value Wizard. (FGL-19611)
  • Added the new Location property to topology objects. (FGL-19507)

Support Bundles

  • Added two functionalities, Create Server Thread Dumps Support Bundle and Create Agent Manager Thread Dumps Support Bundle, on the Support Bundles dashboard. (FGL-19434)
  • When creating an Agent Manager Support Bundle, added two new conditions to filter agent logs, including "Include last N agent Versions logs" and "Include logs from last N agent restarts". (FGL-19665)
  • Added the Service Request (SR) information when uploading a Support Bundle. (FGL-19642)
  • Enhanced the Support Bundle for the Management Server and the Agent Manager to include server virtualization information. (FGL-19470)

Supported platform

  • Added the support of: (FGL-19763)
    • Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4, Oracle Linux 7.5, and Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04.
    • External Database: SQL Server 2017 and PostgreSQL 9.6.5.

Third party libraries

  • Upgraded the following third party libraries: (FGL-19816)
    • Xerces Java Parser to version 2.12.0
    • POI to version 3.17
    • Spring Security to version 4.2.5
    • Spring Web MVC to version 4.2.7
    • Tomcat to version 7.0.88 
  • Upgraded PagerDuty REST API to V2. (FGL-19779)


  • The Dependency Mapping cartridge is installed automatically, once the Foglight Management Server has been installed. (FGL-19670)
  • During installation of the Foglight Management Server, increased the maximum length of Foglight DB password from 20 characters to 128 characters. (FGL-19574)


Foglight Agent Manager

The Foglight Agent Manager (FglAM) was upgraded to version 5.9.3. For more information about the Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.3, refer to the Foglight Agent Manager 5.9.3 Release Notes.



The Infrastructure cartridge was upgraded to version 5.9.3. For more information about the Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.3, refer to the Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.3 Release Notes.


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