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Foglight 5.9.1 - Web Component Guide

Introducing the Web Component Framework The Web Component Framework Configuring Views and Context Queries Functions Bindings Additional Components

Web Component Guide

Welcome to the Foglight Web Component Guide. This Guide provides configuration instructions, conceptual information and instructions on how to use the browser interface.

This guide is intended for any user who wants to configure Foglight at a deeper level than the browser interface tools provide.

The Web Component Guide is organized as follows:

Introducing the Web Component Framework—A brief introduction to the Web Component Framework and the way it is accessed in the Foglight user interface

The Web Component Framework—A description of the core concepts to keep in mind

Configuring Views and Context—A tour of the facilities available in the Definitions panes for configuring views

Queries—The preferred mechanism for retrieving data values from the Foglight data model

Functions—A brief description of the Function mechanism

Bindings—An introduction to the mechanisms for extracting data at runtime

Additional Components—An introduction to Renderers, Icons, Units, Tasks, Themes, Module Resources, Files and printing reports

Web Component Guide
March 31, 2017


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