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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.9 - Foglight for Cloud Migration User Guide

Managing Cloud Migration in Virtual Environments

Managing Cloud Migration in Virtual Environments

Welcome to the Foglight® Cloud Migration User Guide. This User Guide provides introductions on the Foglight Cloud Migration dashboards, how to understand costs and impacts caused by migrating virtual machine workloads, how to plan and migrate the planned virtual machines to cloud.

The User Guide is organized as follows:

Using Foglight for Cloud Migration—Introduces you to the Foglight Cloud Migration environment, and provides you with essential information.

Cloud Model Tab—Displays the list of planned changes scheduled before the deployment date, as well as the history list of planned changes that have been executed.

Migration Tab—Displays the list of the virtual machines planned for migration and the migration statuses of the virtual machines.

Foglight Cloud Migration User Guide
August 2019
Foglight Version - 5.9.5
Cartridge Version - 5.8.0


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