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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.9 - Foglight for Cloud Migration User Guide

Migrating Virtual Machines

Before migrating virtual machines to Azure, you need to protect the virtual machines and ensure that the virtual machines have taken recovery points.

If the virtual machines are not protected, protect them on Migration > Plan tab. Protect virtual machines.
Click Protect Now to popup VMWare VM Protection Setup Wizard.
Take a Recovery Point. You need to Force a Recovery Point after preparing the virtual machine. See
Migrate the virtual machines. Select the VMs and click Migration button. Then, click Confirm on the Migration Confirmation popup dialog box.

Configuring Virtual machines on Azure

Deleting VHD files

Azure Blobs storage is used to store the VHD files temporarily. When VM migration is completed, you can delete the VHD files on the Azure Blobs storage. The files are default saved in “export” and “deploy” containers under the storage account you used to migrate.


Currently some VMs or disks are not supported for migration, including:

The VMs with the following features require manual operation:

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