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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.7.5 - Upgrade Guide

Upgrading the VMware Horizon View agent

Foglight for VMware Horizon View uses VMware Horizon View Agent instances to collect information from monitored hosts.

On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click VMware Horizon View to open VMware View Environment dashboard.
Click the Administration tab.
Click Update Agent once for each Foglight Agent Manager instance on which outdated VMware Horizon View agents are running.
Click the Details tab, then the Desktops tile.
On the navigation panel, click Administration > Agents > Agent Status, to open the Agent Status dashboard.
Click Modify the private properties for this agent.
In the Properties area, set to True the following options: Collect CPU metrics, Collect disk metrics, Collect memory metrics, and Collect network metrics.
Click Save.

Upgrading the Hyper-V agent

Foglight for Hyper-V uses Hyper-V Agent instances to collect information from monitored hosts. Upgrading Foglight for Hyper-V on the Management Server makes an upgraded Hyper‑V Agent package available for deployment.

IMPORTANT: When upgrading from Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition 6.8, Hyper-V agents are automatically transitioned to use credential management. This transition requires that all agents be upgraded through the Hyper-V Environment > Administration tab. Using other methods to upgrade Hyper-V agents will result in agents that will not have configured credentials and will require additional configuration before collections can resume.
On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Administration > Agents > Agent Status.
NOTE: Alternatively, you can deploy the updated agent package (HypervAgent.gar) using the browser interface; for details, see Appendix: Deploying an agent package using the browser interface. In this case, you need to create the corresponding credentials any existing Hyper-V agents manually, after deploying the agent package.

Upgrading cartridges in a Federated Server environment

Cartridge upgrades in a Federated Management Server environment need to be handled differently than typical cartridge upgrades. To maintain the Federated topology, you must disconnect and reconnect the queries as part of the upgrade procedure.

You must also ensure that the required cartridges are being upgraded in a Federated environment. For example, you may determine the following:

In this example, after upgrading the two Federated Children, you need to upgrade Foglight for Infrastructure, Foglight for Oracle, and Foglight for SQL Server on the Federation Master.

The procedure outlined below describes the required sequence of steps. For more information about the cartridge upgrade in the Federation environment, refer to the Upgrade the cartridges in a federated or High Availability (HA) environment section in the Foglight Upgrade Guide.


Upgrading Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition from Foglight for Storage Management

Existing Foglight for Storage Management customers can upgrade to Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition by performing the following upgrade steps.

This section guides you through the process of upgrading Foglight for Storage Management to the corresponding version of Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition:

Unlike the typical process for upgrading from vFoglight that requires upgrading the monitoring agents to ensure proper data collection, this step is not required when upgrading from Foglight for Storage Management. This is because any agent processes that existed in Foglight for Storage Management are not affected by the upgrade to Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition. With the exception of Foglight for VMware in Foglight for Storage Management, other cartridges and their components remain unaffected by the upgrade. The upgrade process disables Foglight for VMware in Foglight for Storage Management, and installs Foglight for VMware (full version). The installed cartridge continues to use the same monitoring agent, VMware Performance, deployed and configured in Foglight for Storage Management.

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