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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.7.5 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External Oracle Database

Before Installing Foglight Installing Foglight
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Running the Management Server Installing and Upgrading Cartridges Installing Agents

Foglight Server Startup page

If you selected the Run Now check box in the Foglight Server Startup step in the installer, the installer starts Foglight and launches the Foglight startup page.

When the server startup is complete, a link to the Foglight login page appears. For more information, see Logging in to Foglight.

Configuration about SQL Server Failover

If you want to use the SQL Server Failover function on the Foglight Management Server, perform the following configurations:

Store the username, sid, and password_hash for later use.
NOTE: The value of <databasename> is the db instance that you create during the installation of the Foglight Management Sever.

Next steps

If you performed a Custom Install and you did not install a license in Step 13: Add Foglight license file, follow the instructions in Importing a license file after installation to provide a license file to the Management Server after installation.

IMPORTANT: See the Administration and Configuration Guide for information about license requirements, managing licenses, and the different categories of cartridges (based on their license requirements).

If you did not select the Run Now option in the Foglight Server Startup step of the installer, start the Management Server by following the instructions in Starting and stopping the Management Server.

To log in to Foglight, see Logging in to Foglight.

To set up an encrypted database connection, see Setting up an encrypted database connection.

Embedded Agent Manager

An instance of the Agent Manager is automatically installed with new installations of the Management Server. This embedded Agent Manager instance runs on the Management Server machine. You can deploy agents to the embedded Agent Manager if you want to monitor the machine on which the Management Server runs.

In certain environments, Foglight starts and stops the embedded Agent Manager along with the Management Server by default. For more information about running the embedded Agent Manager, see the Agent Manager Guide.

You can run the embedded Agent Manager in tandem with the server or not. For more information, see the Agent Manager Guide.

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