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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.6 - Web Component Tutorial

Using the Web Component Tutorial Tutorial 1: Drag and Drop Tutorial 2: Creating a Dashboard Tutorial 3: Adding a Drilldown Page Tutorial 4: Adding Views Tutorial 5: Using a Grid Tutorial 6: Reports Tutorial 7: Creating a Form Tutorial 8: Renderers Tutorial 9: Adding Questions and Answers Tutorial 10: Sending Messages to Other Users

Web Component Tutorial

Welcome to the Foglight Web Component Tutorial. Foglight is an application and services management solution that allows you to monitor your distributed system. It has three levels of usability:

You need to use Foglight’s Web Component library to build your own custom user interface views. The task has been simplified by providing you with a visual dashboard configuration tool, but it presumes a degree of familiarity with the framework. This tutorial can be used as the first step in learning how to construct new pages using the view components in Foglight.

This guide is intended for any user who wants to custom build Foglight views for use in the browser interface.

The Web Component Tutorial is organized as follows:

Using the Web Component Tutorial—An overview on using the tutorials

Tutorial 1: Drag and Drop—The essentials of creating a basic dashboard containing existing components

Tutorial 2: Creating a Dashboard—The essentials of creating a basic dashboard with new components

Tutorial 3: Adding a Drilldown Page—Using flows to access a dependent page

Tutorial 4: Adding Views—An introduction to some useful components

Tutorial 5: Using a Grid—Further work on the Grid component

Tutorial 6: ReportsConfiguring and scheduling custom reports

Tutorial 7: Creating a Form—Using submit actions

Tutorial 8: Renderers—Using renderers to control formatting

Tutorial 9: Adding Questions and Answers—Using the Question Viewers

Tutorial 10: Sending Messages to Other Users—Sending messages

Web Component Tutorial
April 13, 2017


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