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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.6 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External Oracle Database

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Using encryption when sending email from Foglight

You can use encryption when sending email from Foglight. To do so, you must enable Foglight to use the SSL protocol and configure the mail server used by Foglight to use an SSL certificate that is not self-signed.

You can configure Foglight to use the SSL protocol either on the Email Configuration Dashboard or by editing the related mail.use.ssl registry variable. See the Administration and Configuration Help for more information.

See the documentation for your mail server for information about configuring it to use an SSL certificate.

Configuring ports

You can set a number of different ports using the file <foglight_home>\config\server.config, including mandatory ports required for Foglight to run.

For a list of these ports, their default values, and the configuration parameters you can use to set them in server.config, see the Administration and Configuration Help.

Configuring the cluster multicast port used in High Availability mode

You can change the cluster multicast port that is used when Foglight is running in High Availability (HA) mode. Members of an HA cluster use this port to communicate with each other. For more information, see the High Availability Field Guide.

Setting up Foglight server federation

Federation is a Foglight feature that addresses the needs of customers who monitor large-scale environments that are naturally partitioned into logical units. Each of these partitions is traditionally served by one Management Server instance and its distributed clients and agents.

Federation enables you to use one Management Server to operate, while using other Management Server as the data source. For detailed information about Foglight federation and how to create a federated environment, see the Federation Field Guide.

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