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Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition 8.6 - Installing Foglight on Windows with an External MySQL Database

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Setting parameters for an embedded database

The file <foglight_home>/config/server.config contains a number of settings related to the embedded database. In most cases, you do not need to change these settings. If you need to edit these parameters, you must restart the Management Server after doing so.

Specifying whether an embedded database is used

When you run Foglight with an embedded database, the parameter server.database.embedded is set to true. If you are switching from an embedded to an external database, you must set this parameter to false.

For more information, see Appendix: Switching from an Embedded to an External Database.

If you have been running Foglight with an external database, then set server.database.embedded to true and restart the Management Server, Foglight starts with the embedded database. The data displayed in Foglight after you perform these steps depends on whether you had previously run Foglight with the embedded database:

If you have previously run Foglight with the embedded database: The Management Server reflects the state of the previously run embedded database.
If you did not previously run Foglight with the embedded database: The state of the Management Server is like new, since no data exists in the database.

Configuring the database start up and shut down grace periods

There are also optional settings for configuring the startup and shutdown grace periods for the embedded database: server.database.embedded.startup.grace and server.database.embedded.shutdown.grace.

Foglight starts and stops the embedded database. These settings control the length of time that Foglight waits before considering an attempt to start or stop the database to have failed.

The values for these optional settings are specified in seconds, as in the default values shown in the following example.

server.database.embedded.startup.grace = "300";

server.database.embedded.shutdown.grace = "300";

Understanding the Password and Socket settings

The file server.config also contains parameters that set the password and socket that the embedded database uses.

The password that the server.database.embedded.password parameter specifies is the root password used for the embedded database. The default value is foglight.

If you selected the embedded database option while installing Foglight and now want to switch to using an embedded database, you do not need to change the root password.

If you did not select the embedded database option during installation, you need to specify the correct root password as the value of server.database.embedded.password. This password can be specified in either an encrypted or plain-text format. If necessary, you can encrypt the password using the <foglight_home>/bin/ tool.

During installation, the Foglight installer overwrites the default value of server.database.embedded.password when you select the embedded database.

The server.database.embedded.socket parameter specifies a UNIX® domain socket. This parameter is used on Linux® and Solaris platforms only. The installer generates a unique socket name for each installation.

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