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Foglight for Storage Management Shared 4.8.5 - Release Notes

Resolved issues and enhancements

Resolved issues and enhancements

This 4.8.5 release of Foglight for Storage Management includes the following resolved issues and enhancements:

  • Deleted LUNs appeared in Storage Capacity. (VFGLS-3836)



Deprecated features

Deprecated features

32-bit installers

Support for Foglight for Storage Management on 32-bit platforms has been discontinued since version 4.5.5. You must upgrade to a 64-bit platform before installing or upgrading to FSM 4.8.5. 


Known issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Cartridge-related issues

Defect ID

Known Issue


EMC CLI and HDS Tuning Manager upgrade from versions earlier than 4.6.0 could fail to collect data.


Generic SMI-S Array Agent collecting from EMC Unity array may show higher LUN Latency metrics than EMC Unity Unisphere.


Installation failed when install Foglight/FVE/FSM with embedded DB to Windows %PROGRAMFILES% dir.


If both valid and invalid credentials are provided for the system to be monitored, it is possible for the valid credential to not be found or used. The invalid credential should be manually deleted in this case.


NetApp System-api-list calls made to determine what other API calls are available may trigger log messages on the NetApp system regarding access permission on the NetApp console. Foglight for Storage Management does not call these other API methods.


Memory leak when deploying new Python agent build.


NetApp - Used in Monitored Environment value under Summary is incorrect for NASVolumes.


VM to LUN mapping calculations can fail.


SAN topology mapping is inconsistent.


Values for the protection level obtained from Clariion arrays may be different if collected using the command line from those collected using an SMIS connection.


Some NetApp filter instances will display no information for IP and FC ports.


FCoE support (Fiber Channel over Ethernet).

Known Limitations

Defect ID

Known Issue


NetApp MetroCluster configuration is not supported due to topology and command query differences between NetApp MetroCluster and Cluster (C-mode) get the inventory and performance metrics.



EMC VNXe as a collection target is not supported.


Hitachi USP: Data and Ops data rates may be shown as zero due to same level of detail is not included in target.

Third party known issues

Third party known issues

The following is a list of third party issues known to exist at the time of this release.


Defect ID

Resolved Issue


NetApp filers can be configured for both SSLv3 and TLS connections. As a result of recent security changes in Java, the agent will no longer, by default, attempt SSLv3 connections when monitoring these systems. If a secure connection is required, it is strongly recommended that TLS be enabled for the filer. See

To enable SSLv3 connections to the filer, edit the file "jre/lib/security/" from the agent manager hosting the agent monitoring the filer, remove or comment out the line jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms=SSLv3, and restart the agent manager.


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